A Dress-Up Unicorn Mug Has Arrived At Firebox!

A Dress-Up Unicorn Mug Has Arrived At Firebox!

Unicorn fans, are you getting bored with your unicorn mug? You know, the one that looks pretty, but is lacking that interactivity you crave? Firebox has solved the problem. You can now buy a dress-up unicorn mug - and it ships to Australia.

This undeniably glorious ceramic mug comes illustrated with a unicorn - a naked unicorn. The idea is that you use the 40 reusable stickers to dress up your majestic friend with sunglasses, capes, boots, a wand, even a bit of bling - because unicorns deserve that.

The stickers are waterproof and will stay stuck to the mug until it's cleaning time, at which time you'll need to peel them off and keep them somewhere safe 'till your next cuppa.

Oh how I need this on my desk. (Only thing is, I think it could hamper my productivity!)

The Unicorn Dress-Up Mug is £9.99, which is about AU$18.35, not bad when you consider the novelty value, the unicorn factor and the fact that there are 40 reusable stickers included.

Know someone who'd love it?

Standard shipping to Australia is £4.11, or around AU$7.50.


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  • Karley R.

    Omg unicorn! A cute mug for tea! And dress up! Threee of my favourite things!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Lauren M.