Batman Bath Duck $9.39 @ Zavvi

11 August 2017
Batman Bath Duck $9.39 @ Zavvi

So is it Batduck, or Duckman? That's definitely going to take some thought. But names aside, this duck is kind of a big deal in the Batman communities and I think little fans would love to have it involved in bath time play. It's a bargain, too - pick it up for just $9.39 with $1.99 shipping!

No offence to the classic yellow rubber duckie of the last eighty years, but this guy is just a little bit cooler, don't you think?

The Batman Bath Duck is an officially licensed DC Comics product and it comes packaged in a gift box - because this is one duck that is totally worthy of gifting.

It's very black, very serious (fighting 'grime' and all that), and it stands at nine centimetres tall.

I've seen the Batman Bath Duck sell around the $20 mark at other retailers, and this is definitely the best price around. If you've got a Batman fan in your midst, get this in your basket!

This items ships for $1.99. (Allow a few weeks for shipping from Zavvi.)

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  • Nicole B.

    That is one cool rubber ducky!

  • Angela C.

    hell yeah I need this one- have over 70 now!!:heart_eyes:

  • Ruby W.

    I'm so over batman I got a headache earlier from listening HER sook over him :joy:

  • Graham B.

    That's awesome :relaxed: he would love bath time even more then lol

  • Natalie D.

    He dosent need anymore :grimacing:

  • Naomi D.

    Never two many ducks lol :joy:

  • Maureen D.

    I know a little boy who'd love that xx

  • Rebecca D.

    Omg I need this anda few of em

  • Jenna C.

    That's way better than the yellow ones they have :upside_down:

  • Kristy W.

    Love it and I'm so ordering one lol

  • Kelsie B.

    :joy: your killing my bank account

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