Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Money Saving DIY

In light of the good response we had last week from the weekly scoop of top life hacks I thought I would revisit it with a more DIY focused approach this week. Below you will find some of the most interesting DIY hacks that I managed to come across doing some research from the digital expanse of the Internet.

The focus today is not going to be as specific as last week, it’s simply going to be on things you can do or use around the house to replace costly shop bought items. All of these tips should hopefully help you save money by doing things yourself rather paying retail prices them elsewhere.


Scented Candles

Most guys will know that girls love scented candles, but supermarkets and other retailers generally tend to hike up their prices to ludicrous levels (especially considering what you're actually paying for). Personally, a candle is a candle and I don't think they should cost as much as $30 or beyond. As such, here's how you can create your own home made candles in mason jars, giving you a premium feel at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for the home, they can be customised to suit the season and you only need a few tools and minutes of your time to create them.

Even better, you can layer the candles to have a variety of different scents within one candle, not something your other half can find in store with ease I’m sure.

[Source: House to Home Youtube channel]

These are the items you will need:

  • Mason jars
  • Wax pellets
  • Candle wick
  • Candle colouring or crayons
  • Fragrance oil
  • Glue
  • Knife
  • Heating pot
  • Kitchen towel



Up cycle T-shirts into Pillow Covers

If you have clothing that you are intend to throw away or give to charity then these are some of the best ways to recycle them by putting them to good use elsewhere in your home. For example, if you have some cushions or pillows that need a new cover, this is the perfect money saving alternative to fix the issue. The great thing about these DIY pillowcases is that you don’t even need to know how to stitch in order to create them.

[Source: Irene Suhwon YouTube channel]


Paper Towel Cardboard Roll Use Options

I’ve always heard the saying but never fully understood why they chose a cat: “there are many ways to skin a cat”. The meaning behind the saying is clear and the relevance of the cat isn’t appropriate here, so without getting too hung up on the expression, here are the many ways you can ‘skin’ (de-paper) the inner tubes of paper towel rolls and put them to good use.

1. They can be cut to allow a smartphone to be inserted which as a result will enhance the speaker performance of the device by helping resonate the sound. You can choose the roll of toilet paper or paper towels as shown in the picture below.

 paper towel smartphone speakers


2. Long cables and cords can be a nightmare to organise in your drawers and without having to combat the spaghetti junction to release your headphones or charger cable every time you need. Smart DIY lovers use the inner rolls to help organise the mess as shown in the picture below.

paper towel cable organisers


3.  If you have lost the knife sheath that once came with your fancy knife set then there is a money saving alternative to keep them protected whilst in the drawer. As long as the knife fits inside the roll, it can be used to sheath the knife when not in use.

paper towel knife sheath


4. If you are an avid lover of camping then these rolls can be used for the very handy purpose of helping start a fire. Allowing oxygen to enter through both ends, they provide an effective way to start a fire quickly. All you need is to fill it with flammable material to kick off the process.

Paper towel fire starters


5. Gardeners can also save money on buying plastic pots from the garden centre, because they have all they need in the bathroom. Toilet paper rolls are the perfect size and shape for growing seedlings. Their small size means you can easily organise a tray of them before re-potting the seedling into larger homes.

 Paper towel garden seedling growers


Now, if you still haven’t found anything that suits your DIY needs at home, then below I have included a short video which looks at a variety of easy DIY tasks you can use at home to save money and improve your living space.

[Source: www.mindseyedesignmedia.com]

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