Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Inexpensive Ways to Entertain Kids of All Ages

It's always good for the whole family to take the kids out of the house to do something fun, but there are other times when you simply don’t have the energy to cart them around to the zoo or park. If you could use couple of inexpensive ways to entertain them around the house, then here are some helpful videos to give you inspiration.

Let a child’s imagination do the hard work whilst you provide the basic stimulants to keep them entertained for hours. Games can come in many forms, but these are a few of the more interesting options which I found online that should help parents during those (sometimes) long weekends with the kids. The ideas below are a mixed bag and will appeal to different age groups so have a look and take your pick.


Paper Plate Entertainment

This is a handy idea for the more DIY orientated parents who want to get their hands dirty and create something with the kids before they begin playing. This collection of ideas will show you how to create some fun props to play a mini set of games with around the house that will entertain the kids for hours. The best thing is that these games only require the left overs of products that you would typically find around the house e.g. paper plates, wrapping paper cardboard rolls etc.

[Source: Yahoo]


Entertain a 1 Year Old

If you have been asked by a friend or family member to look after a one year old to allow the parent to have some personal time, then it can be quite intimidating if it’s your first time. There is no need to fear however, because entertaining a 1-year-old child couldn’t be easier, it simply requires a little imagination and a few props to pass the time. Here are 10 ideas that you can use to be the best 1-year-old baby sitter there is.

[Source: Emily Norris]


Kid's Magic Science Activities

Learning is one of the best ways to entertain children and educating them doesn’t have to be restricted to the classroom. If you are feeling especially creative one weekend and fancy trying your hand at a bit of science to engage the kids for hours, then here are 10 exceptionally great ways to learn and explore things through the means of science.

[Source: Curiosity]


Kid's Games on a Rainy Day

Those days will come when the weather means you are cooped up inside with the kids looking for ideas. Sticking on the TV can be great for a couple of hours, possibly even a games console could entertain them too, but there will come a time when they become restless and need to let get rid of some energy. This is where these rainy day activities can make the day go by much faster and potentially prevent any arguments or fights breaking out whilst the kids are home all day. This video provides a list of all the materials you will need to complete these games.

[Source: Howcast]


Superhero Hand

This idea for entertaining kids is a little more creative than most ideas here, but if you feel like becoming a super parent, then you need to come up with some great ideas. This superhero hand can be adapted to help your kids become any superhero they wish to be for example; Wolverine. It does require plenty of preparation work and won't be ideal for all parents, but if you feel like trying something a bit different and really creative this might be an option.

[Source: Hipster Melon]

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