The Best Way to Maximise Discounts with the Woolworths Rewards Program

The latest Woolworths Rewards program has recently been revamped and if you haven’t been keeping up with the news, turns out many customers aren't that impressed. It's not all bad news though, as there is a clever way to add more value with Woolworths Rewards by using a simple hack.

A couple of smart cookies out there have figured out that you can actually use, to your advantage, the fact that your Woolworths Rewards card stores data about you. So rather than simply letting Woolies harvest our purchase information and monetise it for their own benefit, keep on reading to learn how you could potentially knock hundreds off your shopping bill every year by leveraging this aspect.


Similar to most modern rewards schemes, Woolworths Rewards uses special tailored offers to entice its customers back into stores if they haven’t shopped there for a while. But, what they have failed to notice is that a customer could potentially have two rewards cards, e.g. one card in a maiden name and the other in a married name. Alternatively, a husband and a wife could both own a card and alternate between cards to maximise the benefits on Woolworths offers.

One of the best parts about this trick is that the Woolworths Rewards program recognises when someone hasn’t been shopping for a while, so it sends customers cash offers which can be deducted from their next shop. By alternating between two cards, you could stop using a card until you receive such a discount and then switch to your second card allowing the first one to become dormant again (continuing in this manner).


This same method can be used when shopping online. Create two accounts and let the algorithms do the hard work in rewarding you money, whilst you literally do nothing. The discounts aren’t too bad either; Woolies regularly try to entice old customers back with cash discounts of up to $20 off their next shop.

When the supermarket’s rewards program was first announced, the Monash Business School published findings suggesting that the average shopper who spends $108 per week would earn roughly $10 every 7.4 weeks. Use our double rewards card method however, and you could earn $74 within that same period if Woolworths offer you a $20 cash discount every other week. That is over seven times more money back that you would get when only using one card. I'm not sure if getting that level of discount every second week is a bit overly optimistic, but you can see the potential for savings though.


Woolworths Rewards Program

Even if you don’t use Woolworths as your primary supermarket, then you should still register for a Rewards account anyway and simply wait until you receive the discount incentives mentioned above. Then it's simply a case of heading in-store and using the discount on whatever items you wish, rather than having to hunt around for all the eligible orange sticker items instead.

If Woolworths is your primary supermarket, then you need to be aware that it’s difficult to predict when exactly you will receive these discount incentives. I have read posts on a few online forums where some Woolies customers commented on the fact that after doing two large weekly shops in a row they still didn’t receive any discount incentives via email. It's a combination of data analytics and the Woolworths Rewards team that decide on whether or not you'll be awarded. These triggers are difficult to gauge, because they could be tied to any number of conditions (e.g. if you spend a minimum of '$X' over 'Y' weeks/months; or if you haven't used your Rewards card in 'Z' number of days). Woolworths could also be choosing to target specific customers who buy products which Woolies themselves buy for exceptionally low prices in certain seasons to boost profit margins. It’s difficult to tell from an outside perspective, but you may just fall into one of their more favourable categories of shoppers so it's definitely worth a shot.


Recently, a Facebook post from Woolies customer Scott Mate went viral after he complained publicly about having spent $1,000 in their supermarkets over a series of weeks and only earning a measly $4.80 (in Woolworths Dollars). The post has generated over 55,000 Facebook likes already and symbolises a widespread sense of customer frustration.

So to help avoid this same sense of frustration, the quickest and easiest way to maximise your saving potential with Woolworths Rewards is to start using a second card as soon as possible.

Save money with Woolworths Reward with this shopping hack

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