Save Money This Easter with This Thrifty Basket of Ideas

Easter is a great time for the kids to get out and about and enjoy the religious benchmarks on which our modern society is founded. Yet, don’t be pressured into splurging on presents as if it were Christmas, that’s what the retailers want you to do. In some instances I’ve seen people spend as much money at Easter as they do at Christmas, which is bonkers and irrational as far as I'm concerned. 

If you are looking for more ways to reduce your bill this Easter but still entertain the family with all the regular festivities of the holiday, then the advice which I outline below should help in achieving that goal. Keep the bunny in play without the bank balance getting in the way with these money saving Easter tips.


Chocolates and Sweets

Easter Day Chocolates and Sweet TreatsChildren at this time of year expect the Easter bunny to bring them chocolate eggs and gifts to start the holidays. However, little do they know that most retailers ramp up the prices to extortionate levels in the weeks running up to Easter. A great way to dodge the expensive chocolate prices is by buying last minute, for example, late in the evening the day before Easter day. Retailers tend to reduce prices and get rid of stock fast to make room for other products.


New Easter Clothing 

Save Money on Easter Day Clothing for KidsTry not to go out and buy a brand new Easter outfit for you or your children. The whole family can still get clothing that’s ‘new to you’ without the hefty retailer price tags by choosing to visit your local consignment / charity shops instead. The average price for Easter dresses is roughly $40 while guy's clothes can be within the same price range too. So refrain from splurging on clothes simply to have something new to wear, especially when you have shopping options like this available nearby.


Egg Decorating 

Decorating Easter Eggs on Easter Day with the ChildrenDecorating eggs is probably one of the best ways to save money whilst still providing the younger ones with a fun packed afternoon of colouring. If you have food dye around the house mix one tablespoon of food colouring with two teaspoons of vinegar in a cup. Afterwards, fill the cup halfway with water and you’ll be all set to go.


Easter Egg Hunts

Save Money This Easter with a Different Easter Egg HuntIn line with the egg decorating, rather than spending lots of money on costly branded chocolate eggs that could potentially melt during a hunt, why not hard boil a dozen eggs ($2.99 at Woolies), decorate them and use those as the hidden treasures left by Easter bunny. Use chocolates such as Lindt and Cadburys for the final prize instead. Coles and Woolies are heavily discounting ranges of products for April so be sure to use them to your advantage, such as Cadbury’s Roses (450g) for $4.50 or Ferrero Rocher (200g) for $6.


Easter Baskets

Money Saving this Year with a Clever Easter BasketMost kids who have their expectations managed will be happy with a couple of chocolate eggs and some sweets to enjoy. Don’t feel the need to make Easter all about spoiling your kids with gifts as these presents can rack up an unwelcome bill on your finances. Focus more on entertaining yourselves with Easter games and activities to make this year feel special.


Easter Lunch

Save Money with Buckscoop this Easter LunchThe Easter occasion tied in with supermarket promotions may sway you to believe that buying a bigger ham for Easter lunch is a must to feed everyone. However, don’t feel the need to spend excessive amounts on an extravagant meal if that's likely to result in a large surplus of food (which many of us can probably relate to). In this instance using a meal planner can help you gauge the correct amounts to purchase. To help out however, Woolworths have a 20% off Meat voucher which might come in handy.

Worst-case scenario if you have food left over, do a quick search online for creative ways with recipes to turn any surplus ingredients into delicious meals throughout the following week.


Easter Chefs

Little Easter Chefs will Help Save Money and Stress on Easter DayEaster is a time where all of us can get together for a family occasion but it can also bring extra stress for parents. Giving the children little activities within their Easter baskets can break up the day both parents and kids, such as giving each kid a recipe-helping card. This will get the kids involved with helping prepare Easter lunch whilst giving you some deserved support in the kitchen. At the same time, everyone will be constructively occupied as opposed to you having to pre-emptively buy something to provide entertainment while you get on with all the cooking tasks.


Every holiday comes with its share of expenses as children and adults look for ways to entertain themselves with their time off. If you want to keep bills down this Easter hopefully the above ideas will give you some inspiration on effective ways to save money.

Anyone is welcome to add their ideas around this topic to the comments section below if you believe they'll benefit readers.


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