Save Money on Expensive Software with Free Alternatives

26 January 2017

There are so many powerful software programs out there today and they know they can charge companies big bucks, but if you haven’t got a company buying your software for you or you don’t have the budget, tools like Photoshop can seem expensive. Pro Tools, Maya and even the latest version of Windows can prove costly.

In efforts to save money we are going to look at free software that can be considered as an alternative to buying these expensive programs. This is your opportunity to get your work done to a similar level but with completely free software instead.



Free: Web-based

Save money using the G Suite

It’s most likely that any consistent computer user would have heard about the G-Suite, a.k.a. Google Drive, Google Docs etc. All you need is a gmail account to gain access to these powerful, yet free online tools that can be accessed anywhere from any computer, as long as it has a web-browser. If you like to work online and in real time with either your own office or partners then this powerful set of tools come completely free and can accomplish what Microsoft Office does equally. If you are still new to this concept then here are some cheat sheets and other tricks to help you get started with a bang.


Libre Office

Free on: Windows, macOS and Linux

Libre Office Free money saving software

The vast majority of businesses around the world use Microsoft’s Office Suite to accomplish daily activities and whilst the price might be justifiable for your office it may be too expensive for your home desktop. Save money by getting Libre Office which will allow you to work on Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations that others send you from the Microsoft suite seamlessly.



Free on: Windows, macOS and Linux

Blender free money saving software

Anyone who is involved with 3D modelling, 3D printing or 3D animation will be happy to hear that Blender is a completely free software tool to enable you to get started in the field. Other expensive tools in the market such as Maya are used but they cost money. At times it honestly pays to save money on software, although it may take a little more time to become accustomed to the layout there is plenty of assistance available online such a this free eBook from Wikibooks.



Free on: Windows, macOS and Linux

LMMS free money saving software

This free software was formerly known as Linux MultiMedia Studio and the now LMMS is a great money saving software that in ways is equal to Apple’s Garageband. In this instance, this free software won’t replace these professional tools if you need it for work, but for amateurs this is a great money saving alternative.

LMMS includes sequencing, mixing, composing and editing to effects mixing, plus it has built in instruments for effects, loops and other sounds to offer a great package for free.


DaVinci Resolve

Free on: Windows, macOS and Linux

Da Vinci Resolve free money saving software

These days it’s very difficult to find a good but free video editing tool, especially when programs like iMovie have set the benchmark for home use or Adobe Premiere for professional use. DaVinci Resolve started its life as a complex and expensive colour grading software tool and only recently added video editing features to its offering.

Similar to other free software it can be a little difficult to jump into for beginners, but once you get the gist it can be a robust enough program that can easily replace more expensive tools on the market.



Free on: Windows, macOS and Linux

GIMP Free money saving software

Those looking for a powerful tool, but who don’t have the money for Adobe Creative Cloud or Photoshop will be happy to give GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) a try. If you have had experience with Photoshop in the past, then with a little work you can make it work just the same.

The software layout may look a little daunting at first when you open it, but to make things easier check out this cheat sheet for shortcuts. If you try this money saving free software and you still don’t like it then Windows users can try (free) and Mac users can give Pixelmator ($40) a try.


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