Money Saving Tips for the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2017

3 April 2017

That time of year has come again and this year the Sydney Royal Easter show runs from Thursday 6th to Wednesday 19th April. This family fun filled event can be a great occasion for everyone to enjoy, but it can also be costly too.

Standard entry tickets for a family of four consisting of two adults and two kids can cost more than $120 and that’s without any rides. So, if you feel like spending less this year then we have some great money saving tips that will make your experience more cost effective so you can enjoy yourself more.


Sydney Royal Easter Show 2017 early bird ticketsFirst things first are the tickets and the best piece of advice we can offer is to try buying them at midnight on the 5th April because this is when the greatest discounts and bargains can be found on the Sydney Royal Easter Show website. One thing to be aware of when checking the deals available is to consider the administration and delivery fees which may vary, depending on how you purchase and receive your tickets.


Early Tickets

If you buy your tickets online before midnight 5th April then you can get hold of some Early Bird ShowLink adult tickets that are discounted from $41.50 down to $37. This is also the case for children’s tickets which are $4 off at $22 each. If you are attending as a concession or family then you can save $4.50 and $16.50 respectively if bought online before the show starts.


Cheaper Tickets

If you visit a participating Woolworths store and buy a ShowLink ticket then you can save 10% on ticket prices, rather than having to search for deals at midnight on the 5th April. Adult’s tickets are reduced to $37.50, children’s to $23 and concession tickets down to $28. Unfortunately, family tickets are not available.


Cheapest Day

The cheapest day for seniors to attend the Sydney Royal Easter Show and save money on tickets is the 12th April. Seniors can save roughly 50% off their ticket price if they hold a seniors card, meaning they will only be charged $15.

The best money saving day for kids is the 19th April, which is considered Kid’s Day because their ticket prices drop to $12.50.

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2017 Rides


Public Transport

Personally, I would only pay for parking at the fair if I had young children, because otherwise it is a huge cost that you can avoid. All tickets that are called ‘ShowLink’ tickets include transport in the form of a bus, train or ferry both to and from the show. This then opens up the opportunity to find better parking deals near the area that you plan to get your public transport link from.


Twilight Tickets

These tickets are much cheaper compared to normal entry tickets and they can be bought online too. If you visit the gate after 16:00 on any day then you can take advantage of discounted ticket prices and still enjoy the evening entertainment, fireworks and rides which all conclude at 20:30. If you want to stay a little later, the Showbag Pavilion closes at 21:30 and the Coca-Cola Carnival stays open until late each night. Twilight tickets per adult cost $31 and $10 for kids, whilst a concession tickets cost $22.50. However, be warned that family tickets are not available during the twilight hours.


Ride Vouchers

There is a couple of money saving tips you can utilise when it comes to ride coupons too. The first 6,000 people through the gates on the first day for example can buy a wristband that offers unlimited rides between 10:00 to 14:00 for only $35 each.

If you want to avoid the stampede, try buying your ride vouchers online, because before midnight 5th April you can buy 110 coupons for $96 or 135 for $108. This is a great money saving tip, because after this date, the ride vouchers are as follows:

  • $22.50 – 20 ride coupons
  • $50 – 50 ride coupons
  • $70 – 75 ride coupons


Free fun at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2017Food

I believe that it goes without saying that all food on the premises will be greatly overpriced for what it is, so if you can prepare a packed lunch from home then this will save the most money. However, if you want to eat at the event then you can also save money by arranging meal deals with participating outlets such as Subway, SpanThai, Bells Kitchen or Lets do Yum Cha. These types of outlets will save you roughly 10%.

Finally, try to pack a couple of 500ml water bottles, it can be hot and there isn’t always shade to protect you and the family from the sun, but, there are places around the event to refill your water bottle so save yourself some money on inflated water prices and grab a free refill.


Free Fun

Always try to fill your day with as much free fun as possible and because the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2017 is an agricultural event there is plenty on offer. Events such as milking cows, shearing sheep, wood chopping competitions and horse riding are only some of the free events you can fill your day with to save money. If you have done these before then try wandering around the exhibits of animals or check out the pavilions filled with arts and crafts.

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