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24 March 2017

Over the past couple of weeks we have applied a slight focus onto how to save money with your technology and tips and tricks to improve our experiences with them. To continue under this theme, today we are going to look at the hacks you can apply to your computer and online use, under the friendly form of the word hack.

We are not teaching anyone how to hack a computer or website here, we simply mean how to improve your experience with your laptop, computer or online website use. We are going to look at how using certain websites can help you find money saving deals on websites like eBay or how certain tricks can improve your Wi-Fi signal strength and more.


Wi-Fi Signal Strength

If you are struggling with slow Internet signal in your bedroom or other parts of your house, this video will explain why you are experiencing this problem and what you can do to improve your Wi-Fi signal strength. Did you know that Wi-Fi radio waves are only 12cm long compared to radio tower waves that can be hundreds or meters long?

[Source: Vox]


Internet Tricks

This video proved very insightful because I learned that by inputting a correctly spelt word into a certain website, it would produce a list of misspelt words that I could use to search online for hidden products on eBay. The Facebook hack also taught me how to download my entire Facebook storyline so I too own my life history, as opposed to it being locked in Facebook servers.

[Source: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"]


Kids Computer Hacks

If you want to teach your kids how to look after their first laptop or computer then this video can be a great starting point. The young girl shows you and your children how to clean a laptop or even how to print emoji faces onto sticky notes to help with homework studying.

[Source: DreamWorks TV]


Increasing your Laptop Life Expectancy

Laptops especially, are known for having a short life span of a few years, especially Microsoft versions. If yours reaches an old age of over 5 -7 years then it may have slowed down considerably. This video covers a number of tips and tricks you can complete yourself to clean it up both internally and externally for a healthier, smoother experience.

[Source: Hack College]


Windows 10 Hidden Features

Personally, I have always owned a Microsoft computer until recently when I decided to change over to Mac. When I went to use a friends Windows 10 laptop (an operating system that I had no experience with) I was instantly lost. The operating system was so different that I thought it would be useful for those like me, to learn some hidden features and improve the experience next time you need to use Windows 10.

[Source: ThioJoe]

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