Paw Patrol Inflatable Flocked Chairs $29.60 Delivered @ eBay Store: character_mad

19 August 2017
Paw Patrol Inflatable Flocked Chairs $29.60

Does your little Paw Patrol devotee need the perfect little perch for watching the pups? This could be it! At just $29.60, these inflatable, flocked chairs are super cute - and the best bit is that you can be deflated and popped away when they're not needed. Nifty little things, aren't they?

These are official Paw Patrol merchandise, so there are no dodgy graphics going on here! They are around 65 centimetres across, and have a cosy, flocked seat area for little bots.

These chairs have a partially raised back, so there's a bit of extra support in them; I imagine that if they were slightly less inflated, kids might be able to sink into them a bit more like a bean bag.

Super cute, and a great price - go grab 'em!

NOTE: you can also pick these up in My Little Pony and Star Wars from the same seller, but in a different listing.

These chairs ship FREE to Australia from the UK. Allow a few weeks for delivery.


  • Rhianna H.

    We have no more room for any more stuff:joy::weary:

  • Rio B.

    They would just pop it to ruff

  • Savannah-Lèe P.

    They would jump of it off of the wardrobe or something

  • Kristy V.

    Too big for our little place! So much paw patrol stuff!

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