Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Smartphone Tips and Tricks

The new Apple iPhone 7 has just launched and fans around the world are happy to see some exciting new colours along with a new double camera on the Plus version. Amidst the joy of the new iPhone imminently about to hit the shelves people lay stunned in the wake of the disastrous recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s, therefore I thought it might be a good time to cover some smartphone hacks to get everyone back in the mood.

We are going to look at a variety of different hacks for all types of handsets, including Android, Apple and Nokia, plus some more generic tips and tricks you can use to improve the experience you have with your device. If you feel that you already know all the hacks possible to know on your device, then there are some more generic ones such as how to really use your camera or boost your signal in bad reception areas.


iPhone iOS Hacks

The great thing about iPhones is they don’t change too much over the course of their development so many of the features are similar to the previous model, meaning many of their hacks don’t become redundant when a new model comes out. These hacks are suitable from iPhone 5 up to the new iPhone 7, which was launched on 7th September 2016.

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Android Hacks

All devices that run Android will be loosely the same, because they all run the same operating system, however certain manufacturers will put different ‘bloatware’ on from their company, e.g. Samsung, Sony, HTC etc. The tips here today are some of the tricks you can use to improve your experience with your Android phone in very meaningful ways, I personally learnt a few myself here.

[Source: HowToMen]


Windows Phone Hacks

These tips are for the Windows phone users who are on 8.1. Tricks include how to update your device and its applications, how to change between camera applications and even how you can configure driving mode to suit you. Whilst some of these hidden tips may be useful, others might be more of a settings tutorial so those still adjusting to the Windows layout may be happy to learn things faster than going through each setting themselves.

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Smartphone Camera Hacks

The vast majority of us have a smartphone and many of us still struggle with everyday tasks because we haven’t unlocked the full potential of our handset. Whilst there are a wide variety of tips you can do on whatever smartphone you have, there are some crucial ones you may be missing with your device’s camera. Unlock the power of taking pictures and you will make your life much easier, I found some very useful tips here.

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Better Reception Hacks

If you sometimes hit an area with bad reception and you really need to make or receive an important call then your reception can make the difference between a happy or stressful time. These hacks will show you how you can see the actual strength of your signal because bars aren’t always accurate, plus how to double your signal by simply rolling down the window and even force your phone to switch to stronger signals nearby.

[Source: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"]

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