Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Home Improvement DIY

Australia is getting ready for another summer and if you feel like your home needs sprucing up before you begin entertaining again, it’s a great idea to learn some hacks to make that process easier. Making adjustments to your home also couldn’t be done at a better time, because Masters are currently having a closing down sale that will continue through until 11th December.

Over the next couple of months as you decide how you will beautify your property make sure you check the Buckscoop deals board for discounted Masters’ items to save money on those DIY home improvements. Today’s range of hacks consist of standard tool tips, painting tricks and much more.


Simple Home Improvement DIY Hacks

This first video is great for getting the creative juices flowing because it shows some innovative DIY home improvements that you can make easily by yourself. Find out how to lighten up darker areas of your house, or how to install doors that are suitable to monitor pets and small children. If the kids have grown out of their bunk beds then there are also some great ways you can modernise their bedroom whilst making it look more grown up.

[Source: Minds Eye Design]


Home Security Hacks

If you plan on buying new appliances for your home or any other forms of new technology then it might also be a good idea to improve the security that you have running through your house. New expensive items can often attract thieves, so here are some great ideas on how to ensure your valuable possessions are safe either when you have left or are still within the house.

[Source: HouseholdHacker]
Refinish Wood Hand Railing

If your home like many in Australia have wooden handrails then after a few years they can begin to look tired and worn which can affect the tattiness of your home. Rather than ripping them out and replacing them with new or spending money on having a carpenter refinish them, you can save money and do the job yourself. This video shows you how to restore 15-year-old handrails back to looking brand new.

[Source: The Idaho Painter]
Platform Bed Hack from IKEA

This hack caught my attention because platform beds are becoming very fashionable and rather than forking out more money than you need to for simply a platform bed, this hack shows you ways to make one whilst still having plenty of storage too, all from IKEA furniture. This video has over 17 million views due to its popularity.

[Source: Chris Heider]


Tool Hacks

Those of you who are planning on getting handy with your tools and going full DIY on your house may be very happy to learn about these tool hacks before you begin the work. Included within this video are some great tips and tricks for using common tools found in most toolboxes around the world. I’ve completed DIY work in the past and wish I had known about some of these clever little pointers.

[Source: Brian Ealy]

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