Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Gaming Tips

Buckscoop has a number of gaming bargains and discounts on its deal page regularly thanks to our resident deal hunter ‘Earth’. So, I’m sure many of you gaming fans have been wondering when you were going to see a console orientated hacks post to enhance your virtual endeavours.

Whether you have a PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Wii then today we have a great selection of hacks that you can use to further your experiences with the respective gaming worlds. Learn basic hacks such as shortcuts to completing tasks or advanced tips that will give you free access to games and more.


PlayStation 4 Hacks

These hacks will show you how to take full advantage of the PlayStation Network (PSN) and get some free content, simplify your interaction with voice commands, charge your controller without using the very short cable provided and lots more. One thing that always bothers me is when I go to play a game and there happens to be an update you need to install before playing, again the hacks here will help you minimise the chances of this happening.

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Xbox One Hacks

On the other side of the console coin lie the Xbox gamers who have just as many great hacks to look forward to. If your home screen dashboard ever gets a bit ‘laggy’ or slow then learn how to refresh it quickly, or find out how you can get access to updates and bug fixes sometimes a month in advance. The video below has received 4.4 million views and is the best ranked Xbox One hacks video on YouTube.

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Nintendo Wii Hacks

If you own a Nintendo Wii and love getting your friends and family around to play some of the sport games included with the console, then you may sometimes get tired of that one family member who’s better than you. However, not for much longer because these hacks will show you how to master each of the sport games with the highest points or best scores. It’s all in the name of fun.

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Nintendo Wii U Hacks

If you come across this article and either know someone or you personally have recently purchased a Nintendo Wii U then the video below will help you navigate across the entire consoles features. Learn basic functions such as controlling games and switching between screens to engaging more with the Nintendo Land society.

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Overall Gaming Hacks

If you consider yourself a serious gamer and believe to know all there is to know about how to improve your gaming experience then why not compare your superior knowledge with the video below. It always helps to update your savvy and stay ahead of the pack.

[Source: gameranx]

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