Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: DIY Spa Treatments

Treating ourselves every now and again can do us the world of good, especially as winter makes us spend more time indoors than we are accustomed too. If you feel like a bit of pampering this weekend then it’s time you tried some of these money saving home spa treatments.

Don’t go out splurging money on expensive pampering sessions or buying expensive products when you can achieve the same results for a fraction of the price at home. Today I'll share with you five methods that can easily be done at home to make you feel younger, more relaxed and a little spoilt.


5 Money Saving DIY Spa Treatments

The first video will give you a guide into creating your own DIY spa treatments so you can look and feel fabulous from your living room sofa. The colder weather and adjustment in temperatures may be playing havoc with your skin or energy levels, so why not give yourself some rejuvenating treatment with either one or all of these treatments. Choose from DIY spa water, foot treatments, eye treatments, body lotions or rose water for your pampering routines.

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Natural DIY Facial Hair Removal

It's natural for the body to produce hair to help regulate our body temperature, but sometimes that hair can grow in places not desired by the individual. Whilst facial hair for men has become popular in recent years, for women it has been a beauty issue that I don't believe will catch on quite like it has with men's beards. If you currently pluck, wax or shave facial hair as a woman but would prefer to find a more natural means then we may have the answer for you. The method mentioned here today requires four ingredients; milk, besan turmeric and salt and the video will explain how to combine and apply these ingredients for your own DIY hair removal solution.

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Natural Stretch Mark Cream – 3 ingredients

Pregnancy is both a beautiful act of life and a stressful experience for a woman’s body. Stretch marks are one of the big concerns that women have during and after pregnancy and if not treated they can leave marks on the body that some women may not feel proud of. If you don’t want to fork out money on creams from the shop, then try this natural alternative to treat the stretch marks.

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Anti Aging Face Mask – 4 ingredients

Women are constantly being told that they look old and therefore need a million different products under the sun to make them look and feel more youthful. This is complete nonsense and is only a sick marketing ploy to play on people’s insecurities to make money. We are all ageing but those of you who prefer to fight it will be happy to know that you can save money on expensive store products and create your own home brand anti ageing face mask.

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Turmeric’s 12 Health Benefits

Turmeric is known for its health benefits, specialists recommend it for your morning smoothie for example. It’s known in the health industry for its anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties, which is why we are recommended to add it to many meals. However, what the specialists don’t shout about as much are the benefits it can have on the outside too, such as ridding our skin of acne, softening the skin and elevating the beauty routine altogether.

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