Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: DIY Car Travel and Cleaning

Living in such a large country can mean that many Australians depend on their vehicles to get to and from work as well as to other destinations. As a result, there is a large demand for comfortable, reliable vehicles that make the journey more enjoyable for those travelling. Yet, with all of this time spent in vehicles and potentially being stuck in traffic jams, it begs the question, are we doing all that we can to make travelling as easy as possible.

Today we have a variety of hacks that will help keep order in our vehicles, speed up things such as cooling the car down, preventing them from getting disorganised or uncomfortable. Hauling around the kids or performing daily tasks can mean that we may disregard the state of our transport, but now you no longer have an excuse as these hacks should help you solve these issues with minimal effort.


Cleaning Car Hacks

Lets face it, with variety of places that both our vehicles and ourselves visit, there's plenty of opportunity for bacteria to build up on common places such as steering wheels and door handles. If you transport kids, this can increase their exposure to harmful bugs, So to minimise this, here are some useful DIY cleaning hacks along with a DIY all-purpose-car cleaner solution and air freshener to tackle the issue.

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Windscreen Clarity

One of the most important parts of a car to keep clean is the windscreen. Seeing what’s coming towards us is very important, but most of the time it's not clean enough to offer the best visibility. Whether it’s a quick wipe at the petrol station or a traffic light rushed swish, generally this isn't enough. If you don’t maintain its cleanliness then the wipers have a habit of making the problem worse. You don’t need to put up with this any longer though, which this video will explain in more detail.

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Long Distance / Road Trip

Whether it’s a family holiday or a road trip with friends, staying in the car for an extended period of time can result in mess and discomfort. There is no need to roll around in your own filth as your car hurtles down the motorway, instead adopt some of these car hacks that will make the entire process more pleasurable and less stressful.

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Defog Car Windscreens Quickly

The most annoying thing when you are in a rush to leave and you can't see properly because your windscreen is all fogged up. Climate control sometimes doesn’t do the job quick enough and if you are late for a meeting then defogging quickly can mean the difference between a late arrival and a by-the-skin-of-your-teeth arrival. Thankfully, a former NASA engineer, Mark Rober ran some experiments and shows us the fastest way to defog/defrost a windscreen in four steps.

[Source: Mark Rober]


Generic Car Hacks

Finally, if there are still some general issues that you experience with your car that weren’t covered above, then here are 10 random hacks that help solve things such as carsickness, extending car remote distance, ensuring wing mirror safety and how to cool down your car quickly.

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