Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Best to Buy in December Sales

There are certain times of the year to buy certain products and then there are times to steer clear. This week we are looking at the best products you can buy in the month of December, firstly because of the amount of money saving opportunities there are and secondly due to it being the right time of year statistically to buy these products because of online discounts.

To give you a brief overview, you can expect to find information and hacks on how to buy statically the best products in Australia during December: Champagne, televisions, tools, golf clubs and technology. The videos below will help explain more about which products you should be looking at and help you begin scoping out the best money saving deals online for yourself.



Buying a television used to be so simple back in the 90’s, choice was large but the difference wouldn’t be too great in comparison to today’s measure. Now however, with so much competition online and with so many more varieties such as LED, Plasma, UHD, 4K etc. it can all be a bit mind-boggling. The video below will explain the difference between the main types of TV’s on sale at the moment.

[Source: FUNTUBE]


Golf Clubs

The New Year will bring a new set of golf clubs to the golfing world so you can expect both the 2015 and 2016 models to drastically drop in price to make room for the newer 2017 editions. If you are looking to save money on discounted golf clubs then the video below will show the best irons of 2016. If however, you want to save even more money, check out this link for the best 2015 models.

[Source: PGA.com]


Power Tools

The situation is similar with power tools as it is with the golf clubs above because manufacturers like to bring in newer models at the beginning of each year. Badly performing power tools will also be sold at a discount to clear up shelf space for new products or better performing products. If you are in the mood for tool shopping then head down to Masters’ closing down sale. Otherwise, use the video below to find the right tools to have in your shed for your summer projects.

[Source: Jon Peters Art & Home]



Christmas is literally around the corner and it wouldn’t feel right without a bottle of bubbly or two. If you want to save money this year by not buying such expensive champagne or perhaps you want to spend less by choosing an equivalent alternative then the video below will give you some ideas on what other options exist in the market.

[Source: Buzz60]



A new year of advanced technology awaits us in 2017 from the likes of Apple, Samsung and a host of others, which is why you’ll be able to find discounted tech during the Christmas sales. If you aren’t as involved with the tech world as you once were, then these are the best tech devices of 2016 that you should look out for in the sales this season, either for yourself or your family as gifts.

[Source: Karl Conrad]

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