New Year DIY Renovations to Add Value to Your Home for Less

2015 is almost here and for most of us it brings a new leaf and a chance for change. With the majority of the westernised world potentially looking back at an ever-distant economic crash, maybe its time to begin moving onto greener pastures.

This may mean a new job, a new venture or possibly a change in your own home. Aussies reportedly spend close to $30 billion a year on DIY renovations. So if you’re one of those feeling inspired to make some home improvements, be sure to check out these tips to help with your planning, before you vent your New Years Eve bill’s anger on that dry wall.


The crucial thing to remember is that a renovation should be deemed as two things. Firstly to improve your immediate surroundings to better suit you and your family. While secondly, renovations must also be done with a vision to improve the value of your house. Otherwise, with poor planning, money can be wasted with nothing to show for it at the point of sale. So take a look at these five ideas to renovate your house, as recommended by experts on ‘The Block’ and ‘House Rules.’


Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen, or the heart of your home, can sometimes be associated with costly upgrades. But, not necessarily if your home costs only a couple of hundred thousand dollars and you plan on selling in a few years.

Transform your kitchen for less with a lick of paint on the cupboards to brighten up the appearance and simply add a few feature pieces to change its image. If your budget has slightly more manoeuvrability, consider changing the cupboard doors, replacing the sink or getting new splash-backs and selling the old ones on Gumtree to cover some costs.

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Epic Entry

Enter my Humble Abode

First impressions are everything, so wow your guests when they enter your home without the large financial outlay. Simple ideas for sprucing up your entrance could be as basic as giving your front door a new lick of paint. If you have a pathway leading up to your front door, you could also line the pathway with new plants or flowers.

The availability of cheap paint is growing especially as there is a price war going on between Masters and Bunnings at the moment. Otherwise, a selection of small plants or flowers is unlikely break the bank compared to the added value and wow factor you will be adding to your home's entrance.


One More Room

Add another room to your House

Possibly one of the most valuable solutions to increase your home's value is adding an additional room. By utilising space under the existing roofline to add an additional room, you will make your house more desirable. A popular place to look for many people has been an unused attic. With some simple insulation, a few window installations and floorboards, you’ve unlocked a new room with little effort or foundation expansion costs needed.



Fixtures and Fittings

If fitting a new room in the attic is a little out of your budget for 2015, then a more affordable way to improve your house is replacing worn and broken fixtures and fittings.  This solution is manageable and can be done without disrupting your everyday life.

Other ideas within this remit could consist of replacing grubby windows, door handles, skirting boards and water taps. All of which can be done over time and when it suits you.

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If you have a garden or some open outdoor space, landscaping is a crucial way to increase the value of your home with some simple adjustments. Uncluttered and cleverly selected plant life can revolutionise your open space. Consider planting low maintenance vegetation and with some careful planning you can create a Zen like atmosphere that attracts buyers and tenants alike.

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The selection of ideas above should hopefully give you some affordable ways to modify your home and with a bit of personal creativity, allow you to brighten up your start to 2015.

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