Your Complete ​Woolworths Online Shopping Guide

Your Complete ​Woolworths Online Shopping Guide

Woolworths has been an Australian household name for years, and with a comprehensive range of products available, there are few things that you can't find at this popular retailer.

With the expansion of online shopping facilities almost the entire Woolworths range is available for purchase and delivery straight to your front door, and in this guide, we'll show you how to make the most of shopping online at Woolworths.

Woolworths Online Shopping

Shopping for groceries has never been easier and more convenient than it is now. Woolworths Online takes the fuss and bother out of shopping in-store, and allows you to peruse aisles and investigate products without having to take your slippers off! That's convenient!

How to order online at Woolworths:

  • Register an account with Woolworths Online
  • Link up your Woolworths Rewards card so that you can earn points on your online orders
  • Browse the various categories and add products to your cart
  • Add personal shopping notes for the pickers to follow, for example "ripe bananas"
  • Head to checkout and select either in-store collection (minimum $30 spend) or home delivery (minimum $50 spend), and leave any applicable delivery notes for the driver
  • Review your cart, pay for your groceries with a credit card, Paypal or gift card

You won't pay more for products online

Woolworths promise that you won't pay any more for an online item than you would in-store, with the exception of store-only or state-based promotions. So, you can go ahead and order your diary, meat and frozen products online; it won't cost you any more than usual, and it's guaranteed to be the same quality you'd expect in-store.

Woolworths "Bundles" for easy ordering

Woolworths have put together various shopping to help online customers customers get what they need - and fast! Items that are often purchased together or in bulk are bundled together for a quicker checkout, and ease of re-ordering. Examples include Baby BundlesDinner Bundles and Household Bundles.

Woolworths Home Delivery

The Woolworths home delivery service is a saving grace for people who simply don't have the time to get to a store, not to mention a very welcome reprieve for exhausted parents!

Woolworths Home Delivery Options:

  • Express Delivery - under 20 items delivered to your home within two hours (select locations only)
  • Standard Delivery - available 7 days a week, traceable to within one hour of delivery

Woolworths Home Delivery Costs:

At Woolworths, the greater your order value, the less you will pay for delivery, and for this reason, it's generally better to use the online service for your big weekly shops, rather than top-up shops.

  • Order value $300+ is FREE
  • Order value $250 - $299.99 is $3
  • Order value $200 - $249.99 is $6
  • Order value $150 - $199.99 is $9
  • Order value up to $149.99 is $12

FREE Delivery On First Orders Over $100

Want to give home delivery a try? Your first order over $100 is FREE!

Woolworths Delivery Saver

The Woolworths Delivery Saver is a subscription service that entitles shoppers to unlimited deliveries for spends over $100; it can save you hundreds each year if you shop regularly at Woolworths Online.

The “Any Day” subscription ranges from $20 for one month to $99 for 12 months, and you can select delivery delivery windows for any day of the week.

The “Midweek” subscription is $40 for three months, or $79 for 12 months, and with this option, groceries can be delivered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only.

Not Home When Groceries Are Delivered? No Problem!

If you are unsure if you will be home at the exact time of delivery, you can approve your order being left "unattended” by checking a box in the delivery options online. Woolworths staff will follow your instructions and leave your groceries in a suitable spot such as the front door, or reception as requested by you. If you have ordered cold items that require refrigeration, the Woolworths staff will even pack your groceries into a cooler box if you leave one in your designated delivery point.

Woolworths Specials

Woolworths weekly specials commence on a Wednesday, and wrap up at midnight on the following Tuesday. Shoppers are able to view new weekly catalogues online from Monday.

Specials always include not only percentage-off discounts on numerous grocery items, but a number of half-price products - and these are the ones most of us make a beeline for!

How To Find Half-Price Specials Online:

Woolworths know that this is a popular category for shoppers, and makes it very easy to find all half-price products in one place. Simply head to Woolworths Online, select the yellow "Specials" tab, and click on Half-Price Specials. Once there, you can filter your specials into categories for easier shopping.

Your Complete Woolworths Online Shopping Guide

Woolworths Rewards

Woolworths Rewards is one of the most popular loyalty programs in Australia, giving shoppers the ability to earn rewards in the form of dollar-off discounts, Qantas Frequent Flyer points, and discounted fuel.

As a general rule, shoppers earn one Woolworths Reward point with every dollar spent at Woolworths stores/Woolworths Online, BWS, Big W and Caltex outlets, however there are often opportunities to earn even more points on select products each week.

Once your Woolworths Reward balance reaches 2000 points, you receive either $10 off your next shop, or 870 Frequent Flyer points, depending upon your account selections. You can also choose to "bank" your accumulated dollars until the Christmas period.

With every $30 spend, four-cent discount fuel vouchers are added to your account, to be redeemed at participating Caltex outlets when you scan your card.

Woolworths Rewards helps Aussies save money in many ways, and the best part about it is that it's completely FREE to join! Sign up here.


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