Where To Find L.O.L Surprise Dolls in Australia

Where To Find L.O.L Surprise Dolls

L.O.L Surprise Dolls took out Toy of the Year at Toy Fair 2017, and it's not hard to see why: they're colourful, adorable, come with (literally) layers of fun, and a big surprise. The best bit, though? They're collectible! And collectibles are the thang!

If you've got young girls, there's a good chance they've been asking for one, possibly pointing furiously to the enticing, ball-shaped packaging in stores. It's safe to say these will be listed on many-a-Santa-letter this year.

Here's where to find them in Australia:

On Sale:

You can also find them here:

These dolls come in different series, clubs and levels of rarity. Who knows, you might find the Ultra Rare Splash Queen!

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