Where to Buy Turbo Scrub Australia

Where to Buy Turbo Scrub Australia

The Turbo Scrub is a powerful addition to any cleaning arsenal. If you're looking for one, look no further, here is a list of where to buy the Turbo Scrub in Australia.

The Turbo Scrub tackles hard-to-clean surfaces, with its extendable head, it can reach all kinds of surfaces with minimal effort. Its cordless and rechargeable, lightweight and if the standard model doesn't have the torque you're looking for, there's always the Ultra Model, which comes with 25% more power and 25% longer battery life, not to mention a bonus head brush.

Here's where you can get a Turbo Scrub in Australia:

Turboscrub Direct - Handheld Power Scrub 360
*there's an added surcharge of $19.99 for shipping
Bed Bath & Beyond - Turbo Scrub 360 Cordless Power Scrubber
eBay - Turbo Scrub Cordless Cleaning Brush Handheld Rechargeable Scrubber
eBay - Replacement Heads for Turbo Scrub
Big W - Turbo Scrub 360
Turbo Scrub Direct - Turbo Scrub 360 Deluxe
*there's an added surcharge of $19.99 for shipping

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