Smiggle Advent Calendar 2018: Contents by Day & Price

Smiggle Advent Calendar 2018: Contents by Day & Price

Great news for the kids who are crazy about stationery: the Smiggle Advent Calendar 2018 has arrived in Australia! It's still just $39.95 for over $70 worth of value, and it looks to be Smiggle's best Christmas countdown yet!

This calendar is one of the most popular in Australia, especially among school-aged kids, and it ALWAYS sells out. Speaking from experience, it's a very good idea to grab this before December, because they can be very hard to find when Christmas draws near!

Kids could also win a $1000 Smiggle shopping spree if they happen to find a Lucky Ticket hidden inside their calendar. How's that for an awesome Christmas gift?!

What's Inside The Smiggle Advent Calendar 2018?

SPOILER ALERT! Look away now if you don't want to know the contents of the 2018 Smiggle Advent Calendar!

What's Inside The Smiggle Advent Calendar 2018 & Best Price

  • Day 1: Smiggle Purple Dolphin Eraser (scented)
  • Day 2: Smiggle Flexible Ruler
  • Day 3: Smiggle Four-Coloured Rainbow Pencil With Eraser
  • Day 4: Smiggle 3D Slapband
  • Day 5: Smiggle Pink Neon Highlighter (scented)
  • Day 6: Smiggle Squiggle Notepad
  • Day 7: Smiggle Lined Notebook
  • Day 8: Smiggle Blue Dog Sharpener
  • Day 9: Smiggle Secret Pen With Light
  • Day 10: Smiggle Lanyard
  • Day 11: Smiggle Rainbow Wheel Eraser
  • Day 12: Smiggle Chocolate Pen
  • Day 13: Smiggle Ice Cream Cone Paper Clip
  • Day 14: Smiggle Mini Stapler in Aqua
  • Day 15: Smiggle Rainbow Twisted Eraser
  • Day 16: Smiggle Blue Maze Pen
  • Day 17: Smiggle Hamburger Luggage Tag
  • Day 18: Smiggle Multi-Coloured Rainbow Pen
  • Day 19: Smiggle Pizza Keychain
  • Day 20: Smiggle Emoji Glue Stick
  • Day 21: Smiggle Stacked Highlighter Pen
  • Day 22: Smiggle Rainbow Gel Pen
  • Day 23: Smiggle Yellow Neon Highlighter (scented)
  • Day 24: Smiggle 12-Pack Coloured Pencils
  • Day 25: Smiggle Calculator

Smiggle Lucky Tickets:

There are 25 Lucky Tickets to be found in 2018, and they are located inside a Smiggle envelope within the sleeve of the calendar.

Winners score a whopping $1000 Smiggle shopping extravaganza!

Even if your child is not the recipient of a Lucky Ticket, there is still an opportunity to go into the draw for unclaimed prizes, so son't throw your ticket away!

Great Value!

When it comes to kids' toy-themed advent calendars in Australia (and worldwide for that matter), Smiggle is an undisputed favourite.

With over $70 worth of contents, you great excellent bang for your buck (something that is always welcome at Christmas), and it's filled with practical items that are not only quirky and fun, but will get a great deal of use.

Some of the items will inevitably find their way to school pencil cases, others will fill up those at-home desks. Either way, this is gear that will be on high rotation for most of the year, and that kids will actually want to use.

Where To Buy The Smiggle Advent Calendar:

Smiggle Advent Calendars can be purchased in-store at Smiggle (check locations), or, if you need the convenience of home delivery, you can buy them anytime at the Smiggle online store.

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