Where to Buy Hatchimals WOW in Australia

How tall will they grow??
Where to Buy Hatchimals WOW in Australia

Hatchimals WOW are officially here, and fans of this toy series are going to flip over the features packed into these bubbly llamacorns.

We've got this pegged to be a big toy for Christmas 2019, so to help save you time and cash, we've put together all the stockist in one place for you.

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What are Hatchimals WOW?

Hatchimals WOW are a very unique breed indeed: they are part unicorn and part llama, and they also happen to be the first ever Hatchimals pet that can actually grow as a way of expressing how it feels.

1. Egg Phase:

Like their predecessors, Hatchimals WOW start off inside their own egg, and it takes time for them to be ready to hatch. Kids can interact with their unhatched pet by tapping on the shell (it even taps back!), rocking, and cuddling.

Glowing eyes on the shell indicate how the pet is feeling: pink eyes mean the pet needs comfort, white eyes mean she fell asleep, and rainbow eyes indicate that she's ready to hatch!

Where to Buy Hatchimals WOW in Australia

2. Hatching Phase:

All Hatchimals WOW get rainbow eyes at different times, and when it does happen it's time to remove the ribbon band from the egg, and hold the egg upright. Within a few minutes, a baby llamacorn will hatch - singing and bouncing as she does.

Note that you won't know who you are going to hatch, it could be the purple llamacorn, or the pink llamacorn.

Where to Buy Hatchimals WOW in Australia

3. Play Phase:

After the hatching phase, and once the llamacorn finishes singing, she can be removed from the egg and kids can start interacting with their new pet.

Llamacorns react and show their happiness by changing the colour of their eyes, making sounds and by growing - up to 81 centimetres, in fact!

Ways to get reactions include tapping the pet's feet, rubbing the belly, forehead or back of the head; and kids can also use the included fruit to encourage growth. Llamacorns also love to be tilted and cuddled.

Hatchimals WOW can play games with your kids, and unlike the Hatchimals that have come before them, they can be re-hatched over and over again.

Where to Buy Hatchimals WOW in Australia

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