Where To Buy 2017 Chibi Tamagotchis In Australia

Where To Buy 2017 Chibi Tamagotchis In Australia

Tamogotchis are BACK! It's been 20 years since Tamagotchis entered our lives, and to celebrate, Bandai has re-launched the Chibi Tamagotchi:a small digital pet-slash-accessory that can tag along anywhere and comes in six groovy colours.

We are just starting to see this arrive in Australian stores, so to save you precious time in the lead up to Christmas, we've put together a handy guide to help you track down these popular pets.

In Stock:

Out of Stock:

Chibi Tamagotchis are virtual pets that actually need to be looked after - so when passing the Tamagotchi baton to the next generation, remind them to FEED THEIR PETS!

Chibi Tamagotchis are recommended for ages eight and above.


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  • Roxanne M.

    I actually still have mine lol

  • Jennifer W.

    Omg yesss lol gotta get one for my daughter!

  • Cilla R.

    Omg.. this would be perfect for my autistic son :heart_eyes: