How the Priceline Sister Club Will Save You Cash

Dollar rewards and birthday freebies are just some of the goodies coming your way
How the Priceline Sister Club Will Save You Cash

Priceline is one of the most popular health and beauty stores in Australia, and its Priceline Sister Club is one of the most highly rated health and beauty rewards programs around for the simple fact that it saves you cash!

While the constant stream of epic sales and Priceline promo code offers already help customers get cracking deals, the Priceline Sister Club is particularly brilliant for savvy shoppers who want to get something back for every purchase they make - and ultimately earn dollar rewards.

And what's not to love about dollar rewards?!

About the Priceline Sister Club

So, what is this popular (and very pink) club that so many Aussies are members of?

It's the must-have membership for anyone who buys beauty and health-related products in physical stores and/or online - and lets' face it, that's most of us!

A Priceline Sister Club membership allows shoppers to earn points on every shop (in stores or online), which can later be converted to dollar rewards, and those dollar rewards are going to save you cash on your future purchases (excluding medicines).

WhilePriceline deals are quite frequent, the beauty of the Sister Club is that you still earn points on sale items.

Earning Points:

With each $1 you spend, you earn 1 point. These points accumulate in your account every time you shop, and once you have reached at least 100 points per quarter, you receive a dollar reward.

Dollar rewards are calculated as a percentage of your overall spend in that quarter, and you'll need to have at least 100 points to earn a reward.

Obviously, the more you spend per quarter, the more points you accumulate, and the bigger the dollar reward at the end of the three-month period, so it definitely pays to buy all of your toiletries, makeup and health products at the one place to be able to maximise those earnings.

Levels of Membership:

There are currently three different levels of membership for shoppers, and you have the opportunity to go up to a higher levels as your spending, and ultimately points balance, increases per quarter.

  • Sister Club Member - Quarterly point balance of 0 - 149
  • Diamond Member - Quarterly points balance of 150 - 399
  • Pink Diamond Member - Quarterly points balance of 400 or more

The higher your membership level, the greater your dollar rewards, which means bigger savings on those health and beauty purchases going forward.

Rewards & Perks:

Priceline Sister Club rewards and perks come in various forms:

  • Dollar Rewards - Points convert to dollar rewards each quarter (provided you have reached at least 100 points)
  • Birthday Vouchers - Get a $5 birthday voucher added to your account every year you're a member
  • Sister Club Secret Sales - Priceline Sister Club members have the opportunity to attend exclusive secret sales happening at Priceline stores
  • Exclusive Offers - Priceline sends out hot offers to members every few months that are not available to non-members.
  • Competitions - Priceline Sister Club Members also get exclusive access to Priceline competitions, and the prizes include big-ticket items like cars and holidays! These tend to happen pretty frequently, so keep a look out in your inbox.
  • Discounted Events - Get discounted tickets to Priceline-sponsored sporting, fashion or health events

Signing Up:

The easiest way to join up is at Priceline Online. You will need to fill in your personal details, assign a login name and password for your account, and pick what card you'd like (there are a few designs to choose from.)

You will be able to start earning points as soon as you've registered.


Is the Priceline Sister Club FREE to join?

Yes it is! You won't pay a cent to join.

Can I earn points when I shop online at Priceline?

Yes, just make sure you're logged into your account, and the points will be added once you checkout.

Can I still earn points at a Priceline store if I have lost or forgotten my card?

Yes, you can. Just give the shop assistant your email address, and they will be able to bring up your account details and make sure your points are applied.

How many points do I earn?

You earn one point per dollar spent; if you spend $10, you earn ten points.

Can I earn points on everything I buy at Priceline?

Almost everything. The only exclusions are medical products like medicines.

Where is the Priceline Sister Club login area?

Just head over to the Priceline Sister Club homepage. Click "login" and away you go. You'll be able to manage your account and see what your points balance is.

What are some other ways to save at Priceline?

There are two other great ways to save on your beauty and health purchases at Priceline:

  • Stay aware of the hottest sales by following the Priceline Facebook page, and by checking the periodic catalogues. 40% off cosmetics is one of the most popular sales for Priceline, and it's the chance to save a bundle off your faves. (The best part is that as a Priceline Sister Club member, you still earn points while you save!)
  • Take full advantage of a Priceline promo code to wipe a percentage off your shop or perhaps score a bonus!

Now that you know how the club works, head over to Priceline and start earning those points!


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