JB Hi Fi Returns Policy: 7 Things You Need To Know

Find out exactly what you can return at JB Hi-Fi and the steps involved
JB Hi Fi Returns Policy: 7 Things You Need To Know

When it comes to the JB Hi Fi returns policy, it can be hard to know exactly what the rules are.

Do I return a used DVD? Can I return an unwanted gift without the receipt?

There are loads of questions on this topic, and we know that few customers have time to read through all the fine print.

So, we've done it for you.

Keep reading our round-up of seven important things to know about the JB Hi-Fi returns policy.

But first, what is the JB Hi Fi Return Policy?

In a nutshell, JB Hi-Fi allows the returns of electronic products and accessories, CDs and DVDs provided they are unused and in the original packaging, returned within a specified time period (see below for these details), and you have you have proof of purchase.

Even if you are returning faulty items, you will still need proof of purchase.

Now let's look at some commonly asked questions...

How do I return products bought online?

Take your product and invoice to the nearest JB Hi-Fi store.

Why can't I post it back?

Well at this stage, there is no system in place for online returns with JB Hi-Fi, so you will have to head to a physical store (search the "store finder" on the top menu).

Whether it is a change-of-mind return or a faulty item, it's important to remember to take your invoice for proof of purchase (this would have been emailed to you).

Once in-store, you can discuss your return with a customer service representative.

Can I return sale items?

Yes, you can!

But remember, change-of-mind products need to be brand new and sealed in original packaging to be refundable, and returned within the specified time period (see below about return windows).

Of course, you can return faulty sale items with proof of purchase as well.

JB Hi Fi Returns Policy: 6 Things You Need To Know

What about change-of-mind returns?

Change-of-mind returns are allowed for electrical products and accessories, and CDs and DVDs.

Provided the product is unused and in its original packaging (suitable for resale) and you have your proof of purchase, you shouldn't have any trouble returning any such item you've changed your mind about.

How long do I have for change-of-mind returns?

There are two possibilities here:

  • Electronic Products & Accessories:
    • 30 days to return your unused products
    • Unused and unopened packaging
  • CDs and DVDs:
    • 90 days to return your unused products
    • Unused and unopened packaging

How long do I have to return a faulty product?

This varies depending on the product and its value.

  • PC Games & Computer Software:
    • 90 days to return your faulty items
  • Electronic Products & Accessories:
    • This can range from months to years depending on the product in question. Contact JB Hi-Fi directly to discuss your options for returning an item; your item may be repaired, replaced or refunded entirely. All details are outlined in the JB Hi-Fi Minimum Voluntary Warranty Guide.

Remember, you will need your receipt for faulty items as well. Always keep them somewhere safe.

Can I return an item without the receipt?

Short answer: no, you can't.

This can be frustrating when it comes to gifts, so if you know a family member or friend is buying you something from JB Hi-Fi, tell them to hang on to that receipt!

JB Hi Fi sells a lot of branded products, and cannot be certain the product wasn't purchased elsewhere without proof of purchase.

The Refunds & Warranties Policy outlined by JB Hi Fi explicitly states that you will need proof of purchase for any form of refund.

Can I return PC games and software?

Only if they are faulty, and you have proof of purchase.


Well, while under Australian consumer law, faulty products returns must be permitted by the retailer within a reasonable time frame, it's a different story when it comes to change-of-mind returns.

Change-of-mind returns on PC games and computers are not permitted at JB Hi-Fi because each of these items comes with a single-use code, making them unable to be re-sold in the event of a return.

The moral of the story: be sure about that game before you buy it!

JB Hi Fi Returns Policy: 6 Things You Need To Know

Where to get more information:

The complete JB Hi-Fi Returns & Warranties document outlines everything in find details.

If you'd rather speak with someone regarding your return, you can either email customer service via an online form, or phone your nearest store.


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