How To Watch Channel 7 Shows On Demand With 7Plus

How To Watch Channel 7 Shows On Demand With 7Plus

7Plus is the Channel 7 streaming service that allows you to watch all your favourite TV shows on demand from your TV, computer or mobile device.

Since 2007, Channel 7 has completely dominated the ratings game in Australia, with popular shows like House Rules, Seven News, and My Kitchen Rules always winners with audiences.

But, with so many hits on one network, Aussies can't always catch every show, and that's where 7Plus comes in. You can now keep completely up to date with your favourites series at a time that suits you.

Best Shows to Watch on 7Plus

7Plus includes viewing from all Channel 7 stations, including 7, 7Mate, 7Two, and 7Flix - your entertainment options are endless!

Typically, TV shows will appear on 7Plus as soon as they have aired, so there's never long to wait to catch up on what you've missed. If you're on the move, you can also take advantage of live streaming from your computer or mobile device.

Top shows on 7Plus include:

  • House Rules
  • My Kitchen Rules
  • Seven News
  • Talking Footy
  • Sunday Night
  • Modern Family
  • Home and Away
  • The Mentor
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Sunrise

How To Watch Channel 7 Shows On Demand With 7Plus

Live Streaming on 7Plus

Whether it's because of travelling, or being stuck in a long queue at the supermarket, there are occasions when we can't get home in time for must-see shows. 7Plus solves that problem by allowing users to LIVE STREAM shows on mobile devices and computers. Now you can catch the news as it airs.

Check out all your live viewing options by clicking on the LIVE TV tab on 7Plus.

How to Use 7Plus

7Plus makes it easy to watch Channel 7 TV shows, news and sport virtually anywhere you have an internet connection. You can use 7Plus on your internet-enabled TV, on a mobile device via the 7Play app, or on the 7Plus website.

Bear in mind that with streaming comes extra data usage, so ensure that you have an adequate monthly data allowance to watch everything you want.

1. Watch 7Plus on your internet-enabled TV

Some TVs may come with the 7Plus app already installed (such as Samsung Smart TVs), for all other other TVs you can access 7Plus through one of the streaming services or devices below:

2. Watch 7Plus on a mobile device

Simply download the 7Plus app from the Apple Store for your Apple devices, or Google Play for your android devices. The app is FREE for both platforms, and very intuitive to use, just like the website.

3. Watch 7Plus on your computer

Just head to the 7Plus website, browse by alphabetised list, genre or trending content, and start watching! You'll need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash, and to use up-to-date versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

How To Watch Channel 7 Shows On Demand With 7Plus

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Data usage with 7Plus

When streaming, data usage largely depends upon the quality of the viewing (HD or SD), and how long you watch for.

Are you a binge-watcher, or are you planning on watching just a few episodes per week? Take these factors into account when signing up with an internet service provider so that you have enough to watch your favourite shows, but also aren't overpaying for data you don't need.

At this stage 7Plus streams in standard definition (SD), and you can expect to use approximately 1 GB per hour of streaming.

Signing up for a Seven Account

At this stage there is probably little point in registering for a Seven Account, particularly as 7Plus is free for anyone to enjoy, provided they have an internet connection.

Down the track, benefits of registering will likely include notifications about your favourite shows, 7Plus updates, and an ability to personalise the app how it suits you.

7Plus FAQs:

Is 7Plus free to use?

Yes! You don't have to pay to access any content on 7Plus. The only costs incurred in using 7Plus to stream shows with be for data usage, which is billed through your service provider.

Do I need to sign up to use 7Plus?

No. Just just get on the 7Plus app or website and start watching all your favourites.

Will I still see advertisements on 7Plus?

If you are live streaming, then yes. You will see the show exactly as it airs on TV. If you are watching a catch-up episode, advertisements are removed.

Are there any parental controls on 7Plus?

Not at this time, but 7Plus is working on it.

How long will shows remain on 7Plus for?

It can be anywhere from one week to three years depending on the licensing agreement established. Check out the "expiring soon" section for a heads-up on what's on its way out the door.

Why is there no AFL on 7Plus?

This is because Channel 7's rights to the AFL pertain to free-to-air broadcasting only, not streaming.

How can I contact 7Plus?

Head over to contact page on the 7Plus website and submit a query online.


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