Complete Guide to Buying Halloween Costumes & Decorations in Australia

Find out where to head for great value and brilliant dress-ups
Complete Guide to Buying Halloween Costumes & Decorations in Australia

Halloween always seems to creep up on busy parents, that's why it helps to know exactly where to head for all the different types of Halloween costumes available these days. .

Whether you're after kids' Halloween costumes or perhaps just some decorations to wow the trick-or-treaters on the last day of October, our guide will help point out where to find great gear, and how to do it without spending a fortune.

When is Halloween?

Halloween falls on 31st October every year.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Stuck for ideas? We hear you! Halloween can be tough for time-poor parents, so we've put together a list to help you out. Don't forget that Halloween doesn't have to be a complete spook-fest - funny costumes and popular characters like Paw Patrol are always a hit as well.

Witch Disney Princess Ghost or Ghoul Zombie
Skeleton Creepy Clown Zombie/Ghost Bride Unicorn
Vampire Bat Pumpkin Stranger Things
Star Wars Ninja Superheroes Beetlejuice
Harry Potter Grim Reaper Fallen Angel Scream
Dark Fairy Devil Black Cat Monsters Inc
Adams Family Ghostbusters Werewolf Maleficent
Harley Quinn Pirate The Joker Creepy Doll
Baby Shark Medieval Emojis Food Costumes

Halloween Costumes For Kids

Kids have a tendency to want a new Halloween costume every year, so it's stands to reason that most parents don't want to spend an arm and a leg on a costume that will get one wear.

Whether they're after full-scale gore, or something a little less sinister, the good news is that kids' Halloween costumes are probably the easiest to find in Australia, and you definitely don't need to spend a fortune on them.

Kmart has one of the best collections of kids' Halloween costumes around, and the good news is that there are sizes for most age groups, including babies. For 2019, The Zombie Mummy Costume ($15) is our top pick for kids up to the age of eight years, and the Cosmic Witch ($15) is just adorable for preschool girls.

How To Save On Halloween Costumes & Decorations in Australia

Big W is also a must-see store for spooky kids' gear, and sizes range from toddlers up to age ten. While prices are a little higher than Kmart, you'll find more unique costumes that are a great change from the witches and vampires sold everywhere. Frankenstein ($30), Alien ($20) and Ninja ($20) are pegged to be bestsellers for 2019.

How To Save On Halloween Costumes & Decorations in Australia

Target has a considerably smaller range of kids' Halloween costumes than Kmart and Big W, but if your kids are after a classic outfit, it's a great place to check out. (Keep in mind that Target usually only stocks two sizes: 4-6 and 6-8.) The 2019 Vampire ($15) and Pink Witch ($15) costumes are great options for kids who don't want anything too scary; and the tutu-wearing Skeleton ($15) is going to be a hit with the girls this year.

How To Save On Halloween Costumes & Decorations in Australia

If you're after a kids' Halloween costume that is quite specific, Costume Box should be your first stop because the range is huge. While you may pay more for costumes here than at budget department stores, you'll find a lot of the costumes are more elaborate and unique. The Voodoo Doll ($33.99) and Skeleton Dinosaur ($59) are just some of the incredible options for 2019.

How To Save On Halloween Costumes & Decorations in Australia

Cheap Halloween Costumes

If want to get in on the fun of Halloween, but don't want to spend much at all, worry not - bargain costumes and accessories can be found in many places.

Woolworths always stocks basic kids' costumes throughout the month of October. These usually consist of very traditional characters like witches, grim reapers, ghouls and the like, and they're nice and cheap. You can also find cheap Halloween accessories at Woolworths, and often these can be paired with regular clothes for a budget outfit that looks superb.

eBay is a massive source of bargains, and if you plan ahead and account for shipping times, you can pick up some absolute bargains. Creepy Masks can be found up for less than $2, Halloween Robes are just $12.99, and we've even spotted Vampirina costumes for younger kids Deluxe Witch Costumes for toddlers for just $13.29 shipped.

How To Save On Halloween Costumes & Decorations in Australia

Pet Halloween Costumes

Why should the family pet miss out on all the Halloween fun? These days there are heaps of stores that stock pet costumes, and they can be found at great prices.

Kmart has been knocking it out of the park with its ever-evolving pet range, and this year's pet Halloween costumes are better than ever. You've got the choice of a spider or a monster, with prices from $7 to $9.

Big W also has pet Halloween costumes this year, and they include a witch, skeleton and pumpkin - with prices ranging from $6 to $9 depending on size.

For more elaborate and unique pet costumes, check out Costume Box - we're loving the Pet Shark Costume!

How To Save On Halloween Costumes & Decorations in Australia

Halloween Decorations

Whether you're decking out the front porch for trick-or-treaters, or hosting a party, great Halloween decorations are important; they can completely make the occasion.

There are a few stores that are particularly brilliant for Halloween decorations in Australia, and they all deliver to your door, too! For bargains, it's hard to go past eBay's massive list of creepy, funny and big-fun decorations, and the beauty of this marketplace is you can often find gear fro overseas that is hard to find here.

Kmart,Big W and Target all stock a wide range of decorations, with prices starting at less than $5. Top favourites include the Hanging Tinsel Bat for $2 at Kmart, and the Light-Up Inflatable Dog Skeleton ($40) at Target.

Spotlight also has some fun decorations with prices from just $5, and we're loving the Tombstones which come with stakes to slot straight into your front yard.

How To Save On Halloween Costumes & Decorations in Australia

Halloween Makeup

There is so much fun to be had with makeup at Halloween, and the key to creating something WOW is having a good supply of products to work with.

A good black eyeliner along with some very pale foundation (or white face paint) can be all it takes to create a fabulous look for Halloween, and you can find those items at most chemists and supermarkets.

At Chemist Warehouse you can find loads of makeup at rock-bottom prices, and it's a great stop for real makeup as opposed to costume make up, which can be hard to remove. We love the Rimmel Stamp Star for just $7.49 and the Rimmel Holographic Mono Eyeshadow in Green for just $6.39.

How To Save On Halloween Costumes & Decorations in Australia

Over to you! Where do you love to shop for Halloween costumes and accessories? Drop us a line in the comments below.


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