How to Get FREE Shipping in Australia With Shipster

How to Get FREE Shipping in Australia With Shipster

Shipster is a subscription service that enables shoppers to score free shipping from popular stores. Right now, Shipster is offering a one-month FREE trial to new members with only $10 payable in the first year, and it's massive news for savvy consumers who consider free shipping to be the holy grail of online shopping.

Free shipping is a component of Australia's Amazon Prime membership ($59 per year) and eBay Plus ($29 per year introductory offer), but Shipster's newly reduced membership package, which costs users no more than $10 per year in the first year, seems tough to beat. Better still, Shipster has a growing list of big Australian retailers on board including the likes of Target, Myer and Cotton On.

What is Shipster?

Shipster is a subscription-based membership program, run by Australia Post, which gives users access to FREE SHIPPING on eligible items from a number of popular Australian retailers.

After you've joined up to Shipster, your email address is used to recognise you when you shop at a number of participating stores. Free freight is automatically applied to your order at recognised retailers, provided it is $25 or more in value, and the domestic shipping costs do not exceed $20.

What Does Shipster Cost?

New members can get a FREE one-month trial, with just $19 payable for the first year, or $3.99 per month, depending on whether you select a yearly or monthly member option. Memberships can be cancelled at any time.

Upon its launch in October 2017, Shipster's introductory price was $9.95 for the three month leading up to 1st January, 2018: the Christmas window. It then reverted to $6.95 per month.

When you take into account that standard shipping is $9 at Target and Cotton On, $9.95 at Myer and $8.95 at Chemist Warehouse, Shipster offered excellent value to shoppers when it launched. Now, with a one-month free trial on the table, and just $10 payable for the first year, it's exceptional value.

How Does Shipster Work?

With a Shipster membership you will be able to shop at a large number of Australian retailers, and pay absolutely nothing for shipping. But, remember this: at checkout, you must use the same email address that you registered with Shipster upon signing up. The email address is a user's unique identifier, and it's how Shipster knows to automatically remove the shipping charge for your order.

Follow these steps to use Shipster for free shipping:

1. Visit one of the many Australian Shipster retailers
2. Add items to your cart, with a value of at least $25
3. Head to checkout, and enter the email address you registered with Shipster
4. Watch as the shipping charge is removed!

FREE Shipping From Leading Retailers For One Year With Shipster

Shipster Retailers:

There are over 60 retailers involved in the Shipster program, including some of the country's most popular stores. See the complete list of Shipster retailers here.

Top stores include:

Use Shipster For Deliveroo Orders

Deliveroo is a food delivery service that enables Australians to enjoy the meals of their favourite restaurants from the comfort of their own homes. Food is delivered in as little as 30 minutes, and includes a massive variety of options.

As part of the current offer, Shipster can be used for one Deliveroo order per month, provided the order is over $25 as per the terms and conditions (see below).

Shipster Terms and Conditions:

Shipster is a straight-forward membership program, but like any subscription service, there are certain points consumers need to be aware of.

  • Shipster can only be used for personal use, not for businesses
  • Users can only use up to eight different addresses with Shipster
  • A maximum of 60 Shipster orders can be made in any three-month period
  • A maximum of 120 Shipster orders can be made in each year
  • An individual can only have one Shipster account
  • Free shipping with Shipster only applies to domestic orders of $25 or more with associated retailers, and the cost of shipping must not exceed $20.
  • You may be required to have a MyPost account in order to sign up to Shipster

Click here for full terms and conditions at Shipster.

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