Best Compact Travel Strollers in Australia (2019 Update)

Best Compact Travel Strollers in Australia (2019 Update)

The GB Pockit Stroller is a world-record holder for travel strollers, and at less than five kilograms, it's one of Australia's favourites when it comes to travelling with a baby.

Other models like Mountain Buggy, Britax and BabyZen join a group of incredibly compact strollers that make travelling with Bub not only manageable, but fun! (Yes, really!)

First, let's take a look at some frequently asked questions about travel strollers:

Should you take a stroller when you travel?

If you have young kids who are regularly using the stroller at home, then YES!

Here's why:

The stroller gives babies and toddlers somewhere to rest and nap, it provides a safe and secure place for them in busy areas, and it will save your arms!

Also, they make for great storage; use the handles for your shopping, pockets for snacks and basket for heavy items.

Why should I buy a travel stroller when I already have a regular one?

The most obvious benefit of travel strollers over full-sized strollers is that they are lighter and more compact than regular strollers.

But they get even better:

In many cases you can take a travel stroller in onto flights as carry-on luggage, which means you can use it right up to the plane door!

With travel comes a great deal of walking, stairs, lifts, escalators, public transport and sightseeing. A smaller, lighter stroller (especially one you can pop into a handbag like the GB Pockit) is going to be a very welcome addition to your trip.

What is the lightest travel stroller in Australia?

The GB Pockit is the lightest we've seen, weighing just 4.3 kilograms and bringing it in well below the seven-kilogram requirement for carry-on luggage aboard flights, and light enough to tote in a backpack or carry bag.

What is the most compact travel stroller in Australia?

Again, the GB Pockitis your best bet here. Whenfolded down, it measures just 30 x 18 x 35 centimetres - small enough to fit into a handbag!

What is the best travel stroller for a newborn?

If you're looking for a truly flat recline, the GB QBit+ is one of the few travel strollers that can accommodate a newborn without the need to buy any additional inserts such as a carrycot.

But there are more:

The Mountain Buggy Nano and BabyZen Yoyo both have newborn inserts that can be purchased in addition to the stroller if you wish to use it from birth.

Which travel strollers can be taken on a flight as hand lugage?

The GB Pockit (4.3kg), the BabyZen Yoyo (6kg) and the Britax Holiday stroller (4.9kg) are all designed to be lightweight and compact enough to fit inside overhead lockers on planes.

Best travel strollers Australia 2019:

Here's a closer look at the models we've mentioned above, as well as links to retailers currently stocking them:

GB Pockit Stroller

This nifty travel stroller is a Guinness World Record holder - and it's pretty clear to see why. It is so compact you could slide it into your beach bag! At less than 5 kilograms, it clears carry-on luggage requirements, and it comes with sun shade, footrest and storage basket. It's available in Capri Blue, Posh Pink or Monument Black. (Suitable from six months.) Find it here.

GB QBit+ Stroller

The GB QBit+ takes the brilliant compact nature of the GB Pockit, and ramps up the features. In this model the stroller's backrest can be completely reclined, it has a head hugger, a hood window, XXL sun canopy, adjustable leg rest, bigger wheels and a bumper bar. This one folds down into a compact 7.6 kilogram unit and is available in Monument Black, Posh Pink, Seaport Blue or Capri Blue. (Suitable from birth.) Find it here.

BabyZen Yoyo

This is another one that will fit happily into the overhead compartment on a plane. It weighs just six kilograms, has a sun canopy, storage basket and it's designed to be used one-handed. Because that's how parenting is done most of the time. (Suitable from birth with insert, or else six months.) Find it here.

Britax Holiday Stroller

Plane friendly, and one that can be worn as a backpack, the Britax Holiday Stroller has many of the great features of other travel strollers, without the hefty price tag. It weighs only 4.9 kilograms, has a sun canopy, storage basket, one-link brake and front swivel wheels. (Suitable from six months.) Find it here.

Mountain Buggy Nano Travel Stroller

This is one clever little travel stroller, and it's little wonder it's an award winner in this category. The Mountain Buggy Nano Travel Stroller is brimming with features, from its deep seat recline to built-in car seat adaptors and custom storage bag, this is definitely one to check out. It weighs 5.9 kilograms and is compact enough to take on flights. (Suitable from six months.) Find it here.

Over to you! Have you used a travel stroller before? Tell us how it went in the comments below.


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