Best Booktopia Sales in 2018: When to Score Cheap Books Online

Best Booktopia Sales in 2018: When to Score Cheap Books Online

Booktopia is one of Australia's biggest online bookstores, and if you're a book lover, you've no doubt heard of it. But did you know that this massive store also holds some of the best book sales in the country? There are incredible bargains to pick up at Booktopia, the trick is knowing when to shop.

That's where we come in!

In this guide, we'll point you towards the biggest and best Booktopia sales throughout the year, so you can plan your book shopping, and save some cash.

Major Booktopia Sale Dates:

Booktopia has a number of cracking sales throughout the year, below you'll see the biggest of them - get them in your diary!

  • Booktopia "Bargain" Sale - on-going
  • Booktopia Birthday Sale - February
  • Booktopia EOFY Sale - May/June
  • Booktopia Afterpay Day Sale - August
  • Booktopia Frenzy Sale - November
  • Booktopia Black Friday Sale - November
  • Booktopia Boxing Day Sale - December

Booktopia "Bargain" Sale

One of the many reasons Booktopia is so popular is that there is always a bargain to be picked up. In fact, savings at the Bargain Sale scan reach up to 90%, so this is definitely a sale to keep tabs on; new titles are added all the time.

TheBargain Sale is can be found by clicking "Bargains" on the top navigation bar. Get comfy before you head over, because you'll find yourself with more than a few categories to wade through!

Best Booktopia Sales in 2018: When To Score Cheap Books Online

Booktopia Birthday Sale

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: February, 2019

Booktopia usually always runs some kind of birthday celebration in February each year: sometimes it's free shipping, sometimes a cracking sale - sometimes both!

On the 2nd February, 2018 Booktopia kicked off its two-week 14th birthday bash with up to 90% off 15000 titles and FREE SHIPPING! Books started as low as $2.95. (That's definitely worth celebrating!)

Best Booktopia Sales in 2018: When To Score Cheap Books Online

Booktopia EOFY Sale:

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: late May, 2019

This is your chance to score up to 90% off thousands of awesome books, and it's definitely a sale you want to visit if you need to stock up on gifts.

In 2018, this sale starts at the end of May, 2018 and ended on 13th June. There was free shipping at this sale as well! Hopefully we see the same next year.

Booktopia AfterPay Day Sale:

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: 16th August, 2018

The August 2018 Afterpay Day event has been called "Afteryay Day" and it starts at midday on 16th August, running for 24 hours. In 2017, Booktopia celebrated Afterpay Day with 10% off storewide, we're hopping they top that this year!

For more on Afterpay, check out our complete guide to how it works.

Booktopia Frenzy Sales

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: 13th November, 2018

"Frenzy" sales happen a few times each year in Australia, and loads of retailers — including Booktopia — love to get on board and offer discounts to shoppers. Look out for these events in MAY and NOVEMBER each year.

At the November 2017 Frenzy Sale, Booktopia offered book fans up to 95% off 14,500 book titles, 30% off cookbooks, 20% off the top 100 sellers and a further 5% off discounted calendars.

Look out for more of the same this year!

Best Booktopia Sales in 2018: When To Score Cheap Books Online

Booktopia Black Friday Sale

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: 23rd November, 2018

Black Friday is fast becoming THE sale event of the year in Australia (even topping Boxing Day according to some), and Booktopia is a store that gets heavily involved in sharing big savings with customers.

Booktopia's 2017 Black Friday sale included up to 90% off 18,000 books - so there was no shortage of bargain books!

Booktopia Boxing Day Sale

  • Expected Upcoming Sale: December, 2018

Usually kicking off just before Christmas, this sale is a clearance event of pretty massive proportions. Expect to see up to 90% off books at this sale - head straight to the bargains page!

Booktopia Free Shipping Offers:

Free shipping happens a number of times during the year at Booktopia, and the quickest way to find out when it's on is by subscribing to email alerts.


Well, you won't usually see a "Free Shipping" banner on the Booktopia website at these times, so unless you've received the email, you won't know the offer is running, or what the free shipping code is - and that's important!

(Bear in mind there is usually a minimum spend of $17 required at Booktopia during the free shipping period.)

How to sign up to email alerts:

Just enter your email address in the "newsletter" field at the bottom of the Booktopia homepage as pictured below.

Best Booktopia Sales in 2018: When To Score Cheap Books Online

How Do I Get A Booktopia Coupon?

It's easy! Head over to our dedicated Booktopia Coupon Page. It's there that you will find all current codes that can be used at Booktopia, and any other specific sales running. Click here for Booktopia coupons.

Booktopia Returns: How It Works

Returns are possible at Booktopia, but there are some terms you need to consider. You can check out the full Booktopia returns policy here.

  • You will have to pay for the postage of change-of-mind orders
  • Booktopia won't refund a dollar amount, it only issues store credits
  • You have only two days from delivery to contact Booktopia about returning a change-of-mind order
  • If an item is received damaged, you have only two days to contact Booktopia about returning it


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