New Games Consoles: PlayStation 4 Neo and Xbox One Project Scorpio

There are a few buzzwords flying around the gaming world at the moment, so you may have heard of things like “Project Scorpio” or “Neo” and perhaps wondered what they were. If you are one of those in the know, then you'll be aware that these are code names apply to projects of Microsoft's and Sony's respectively.

The gaming world is due a console upgrade and it sounds like we can expect these new generation devices to play existing games currently available on today's console. We can also expect them to function in much the same way as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One currently work. However, it would appear as if some big upgrades are coming in terms of horsepower and 4K / UltraHD definition.


Xbox One Project Scorpio talk at E3 Conference

To put things into perspective, 4K and UltraHD definition are the two latest evolutions within the television industry, however the current consoles available on the market can not take advantage of these powerful displays due to the fact that they house older technology within. Therefore these new consoles are a direct result of this evolution, which should hopefully push games into looking the best they have ever looked.

Rumours around Microsoft´s Project Scorpio have been especially exciting because the horsepower jump is expected to be huge. The chip powering the Scorpio not only is rumoured to be massively powerful, it also sounds like what will surround it will be a mammoth amount or memory (potentially 12 DRAM chips indicating a 384-bit memory, connected to 12GB GDDR5’s), but of course Microsoft haven’t released any concrete specifications. The boffins within the gaming industry have been able to decipher some of the language coming from Microsoft Xbox HQ and determined that the new edition Xbox One will be 40% faster then the equivalent Sony’s PlayStation 4 Neo console.


In an overview of all information that has come out, it appears that Project Scorpio is geared to be the most powerful gaming console ever built and this is validated by the extensive breakdown conducted by Richard Leadbetter, from Digital Foundry.

[Source: Digital Foundry]


The main differentiating factors between the two consoles boils down to raw processing power and of course the memory. The image below shows Microsoft’s graphics processor surrounded by what has been analysed by Richard Leadbetter as 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, giving the console enough power to blow the PlayStation 4 Neo out of the water. The situation is different within the current consoles available because the PlayStation 4 is more powerful than the Xbox One, meaning many first time adopters are more likely to choose the higher powered option between the two. Microsoft Xbox One Project Scorpio Chipset layout


The adoption of the more powerful consoles may seem slightly biased, but it’s those initial technically savvy buyers who are the ones that set the trend for the millions of slightly less tech-obsessed buyers who always follow afterwards. Since Xbox One’s launch in 2013 it has always been slandered as the least powerful out of the two consoles, but it certainly looks like things could change. PlayStation 4 Neo project to launch in 2016Techies can argue about power until the cows come home, but what really speaks to most customers’ minds is the matter of price. Where do we draw the line on power and start thinking with our wallets. Mr Leadbetter has banked on the Project Scorpio being released with a much higher price tag than previous customers would have been accustomed to, potentially being as much as $100 more than the PlayStation 4 Neo. On top of this increased cost, you will also need to either own or buy a 4K / UltraHD television to appreciate the higher resolution, otherwise it will simply be lost in your standard or HD Ready TV.


Sony anticipates its launch date to be in the third quarter of 2016 whilst Microsoft says it could potentially be early 2017. This gives you plenty of time to save money and organise your man cave in preparation for the new arrival. If however, you aren’t the patient type then we have a range of different online bargains on our ‘Deals page’ for you to consider. The links to those bargain deals are below:

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