*expired* Topbuy - two watches for $2.99 (inc shipping)

4 December 2010

Twin Pack NEGATIVE ION SPORTS WATCH - Black And White for $0.00 (but have to pay shipping)

# Material: HQ silicone rubber (be not harm to arm)
# Multi functional healthy sports watch. It will help balance the human body's electric balance by Far Infrared Ray and Minus Ion
# Design elasticity to fit most wrist, very soft and comfortable

Be not harm to arm? How could you *not* get them? ;)

All major 'woo', and bound to die if you even think about getting them close to moisture, but a fun stocking stuffer for $1.50 each.....

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  • vipulrm
    Out Of Stock!
  • ninkasi
    Ah well.... I've seen very similar being sold at $2 shops for not more than the cost of these (after taking into account postage). They might not be as good with the minus ions but will probably do the job... ;)
  • kazyazy
    Your recent order of Freebie item "Twin Pack NEGATIVE ION SPORTS WATCH - Black And White Twin Pack", due to increase of deliveries during the Xmas period, We have been informed that you order will take extra 10-15 days to deliver than normal. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delayed shipment. If you still do not receive your item by middle of Jan 2011, please let us know via our MSG system. To compensate this delayed shipping, we will provide a $5 coupon* exclusively for you. (*T&C Applies) $50 min spend
    A $5 voucher with $50 min spend doesn't compensate, it just makes them more money! Another xmas pressie thats not going to arrive :( I wish companies wouldn't sell things if they can't stick to their xmas delivery dates. At least they were free!
  • ninkasi
    yeah.... a bit annoying, but as you say they were free-ish so a 10% discount isn't too bad I guess..... Was planning to put 'em into the kid's christmas stockings, but can always give 'em to them later.
  • ninkasi
    They still hadn't arrived, and I contacted them the other day. Message came back saying that they must have got lost in transit. Bit sad about that as I was looking forward to balancing my kids body's electric balance by Far Infrared Ray and Minus Ion.... Anyhow, they don't stock them so was offered a refund or slightly more than the equivalent in points. Can't really argue with that.
  • kazyazy
    I received mine just after Christmas
  • ninkasi
    Jealous. Are they everything I'd hoped they would be? Are your Minus Ions better? ;)

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