Buy a Lensbaby (SLR camera lens) and get a FREE Lensbaby Wide Angle/Macro Lens

20 December 2007

If anyone's into digital photography, you may have come across an interesting product called lensbabies:

If you're a member of iStockphoto (if not you can join for free) and you purchase any of the most recent versions of Lensbabies, you get a free Wide Angle/Macro lens worth US$59.

Check out all the info here:

The qualifying Lensbabies start at US$150, but you may be able to source them cheaper elsewhere.

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  • nod
    Thanks Enthusiast I am strictly a point and shoot girl :D Some more info for those not in the know
    Lensbabies™ are selective Focus SLR lenses that bring one area of your photo into sharp focus, with that “sweet spot” surrounded by gradually increasing blur. You can move the sweet spot to any part of your photo by bending the lens. Lensbabies are perhaps the simplest way to add a completely new dimension to your photography. Try a Lensbaby when you need a creative edge or just want to have fun with your camera.

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