Save Money and Effort at This Years Melbourne Cup Carnival with These Mobile Apps

This week the Melbourne Cup Carnival  is taking place at the Flemington Racecourse, and with no surprise, it will be attracting more than 100,000 punters to the site, with millions more tuning in online and via TV. If you are one of the lucky members to be visiting the races to view the entertainment live, why not make your whole experience a little less stressful with the help of two very unique and handy mobile apps.

Whether your dressed to the nines, fresh fly and flashy or simply love to gamble, make use of these two apps to ensure you don’t break the bank on your first day or find yourself standing aimlessly in a taxi cue as long as the racecourse itself. The taxi app phenomenon, Uber has a great freebie going on at the moment, plus Clipp empowers you to take control of your bar tab and really monitor how fast your burning through that bank balance.


The races are fully under way and it’s been an exciting start to the Melbourne Cup Carnival 2014, with 24 horses all geared up and ready to earn some lucky winners big bucks. If you plan on spending your winnings on a few drinks, then you can easily avoid the drive home by using well known taxi app, Uber. It'll help you pinpoint a taxi in real-time and enable you to order it to your exact location all at the press of a button on your phone. You may not have the money to arrive in a limo, but with Uber Lux, you can select the finest cars ranging from Audi to Mercedes for the trip home (should your winnings allow for it).

UberMINI Free TaxiIf you'd still like to arrive in style and not paying anything for it, however, why not hitch a free lift to or from the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne using Uber. During the Melbourne Cup Carnival Uber and MINI will be providing free rides in their new MINI 5-door hatchback vehicles. There will be a total of 6 vehicles on the road for you to try and catch a ride with, simply enter the code “UBERMINIRACES” into the Uber app.


You may also be looking to meet up with a group of friends for a pre-drink outside the racecourse, or perhaps after the carnival celebrations. This is where the handy little app Clipp comes into its own. Clipp basically lets you register a credit card or Paypal account, set up a bar tab, drink from that bar and pay as soon as you're done without having to wait around for bar staff to ring up your bill. You could even pay from your phone later on when you get home. The simplicity and convenience of this app are its main appeal as far as I'm concerned.

The app is compatible with 700 venues around Australia, of which roughly 20 of them are in Melbourne as follows:

Bar Ampere - Melbourne
Belgian Beer Cafe - Melbourne
Billboard – Melbourne
Boney - Melbourne
Cookie - Melbourne
Du Nord - Melbourne
Emerald Hotel – South Melbourne
General Store & Co. – Melbourne
Gin Palace - Melbourne
Lady Grange - Melbourne
Lustre Lounge - Melbourne
Mesa Verde - Melbourne
Munich Brauhaus – Melbourne
Nieuw Amsterdam - Melbourne
Raw Trader – Melbourne
Rooftop Bar Melbourne - Melbourne
Sake Restaurant & Bar – Melbourne
The Deck Mercantile Place –  Melbourne
Waterside Hotel – Melbourne
Young & Jackson – Melbourne 

Clipp tab screen - share, view or increase your tab.

Clipp venue search screen





Also extremely useful is Clipp's ability to let you monitor your spending in real time as well as keeping a record of everything you have drunk. So if your drinking on a budget, keep control of how much you're spending, rather than getting hit with a huge $500 tab at the end of the night, when all of your fellow drinkers suddenly "had to shoot off " and your left stuck with the guy who only had a water.

Well not any more, as Clipp also lets you split the tab between friends who have the app installed. This is done by simply adding them to the tab that you've setup. After that you only need to define your spending limit (anywhere between $20 to $5,000) and end off by paying with a simple click of a button.

So spend less time worrying this Melbourne Cup Carnival and more time enjoying yourself, knowing that you are in control the whole time from your mobile.

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  • odysseus
    Hmm. Melbourne Cup was November 4. This was posted November 5...
  • FisherMan
    Hey Odysseus, sorry, my reference was to the 'Melbourne Cup Carnival' as an event, rather than just the Cup day. (Have edited references to this accordingly) Thanks for pointing it out.

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