Popcherry VIP Membership Review – Is it Worth Joining?

Popcherry VIP Membership Review – Is it Worth Joining?

If you're a fan of Popcherry clothing but aren't registered with their VIP membership program, this review will help you decide whether it's a good idea or not. What I will say upfront though, is that if you're somebody who likes to cover yourself up in Popcherry fashion then there's a good chance that signing up could make a lot of sense.

For instance, although Popcherry does release coupon code discounts every now and again, being a VIP member means you'll get a generous 40% off regular prices year round. So if you're interested in learning more about the Popcherry VIP membership program, keep reading.


What Do I Receive for My $50 per Month?

Popcherry VIP membership and fashion review

As mentioned in the header, Popcherry's VIP membership costs $50 a month. The fee is always an important aspect of any membership program, because if you’re spending your hard earned cash, you need to know that the perks are worth it. Well, this is what you're monthly fee at Popcherry gets you:

  • The $50 fee converts into credit to be spent on their clothing.
  • The $50 credit per month is saved, it doesn't expire.
  • VIP members receive 40% off regular prices.
  • Exclusive access to VIP only sales.
  • Free shipping in Australia.
  • Free returns.
Unlike some membership programs, becoming a Popcherry VIP means that the monthly fee doesn’t simply go towards "servicing and maintaining" your account. Instead, that money can actually be spent buying clothes you like using the credit you earn. Also, if you're already a fan of their fashion then spending $50 per month to have new clothes every 4 weeks isn’t all that expensive either.

Additionally, the 40% discount that you receive off the standard prices of all items means that being a VIP gives you access to a permanent Popcherry discount. Particularly useful if you see something you like in their "New Arrivals" section but don't want to wait for months before it goes on sale before you can get a discount.



A major benefit of having Popcherry VIP status, is that's it's very flexible as far as membership accounts go within the online world of retail. If you don’t feel like being charged $50 for a particular month (e.g. when travelling abroad or over Christmas) then as long as you click ‘Skip the Month’ from within your account after 1st and before the 5th of each month, you won’t be charged. This is a significant advantage as far as I'm concerned.

If at any point you decide that this membership is not for you and you would like to cancel, the good news is that there are no cancellation fees. You need only call them on their cancellation line to do this.


Where Does Popcherry Fall Short?

Popcherry VIP membership benefitsOn certain orders over $100 Popcherry will use a different shipping service to the standard Australian Post method. They may use International Global Mail which, as stated on their shipping page, can take between 3-12 days to arrive at your place. This may in some cases be longer than you are willing to wait.

Another topic of complaint that has popped up after doing an internet search is the way in which Popcherry seemingly signs customers up to their VIP program unwittingly. It sounds as though there's a small box in the checkout process that is pre-ticked which basically signs you up as a VIP member automatically.

Many customers only realise once they see the $50 per month fee being charged to their credit card further down the line. So while not necessarily a negative aspect about being an VIP member per se, it was something that came up as one of the first results in Google so I thought it was mentioning here.

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The Verdict

Despite the few complaints mentioned above, overall the Popcherry VIP membership appears to be compatible with successful trends in online retail because it’s flexible, affordable and most importantly offers valuable perks compared to being a standard customer. Getting free shipping and returns, as well as the fact that you can ‘Skip the Month’ so that you are not charged, are certainly major pluses that you wont find being offered by many other fashion retailers.

Consulting with our resident female Buckscoop fashion gurus, vikk and shazoo, I asked if they had noticed anything negative with this membership program, just in case I was missing the catch. However, talking to them only further cemented my perception that Popcherry’s VIP membership appears to be a great value for money proposition for all you fashionistas out there.

At the end of the day though, each and every customer's experience will vary which we can all appreciate. So if you have experienced something different to what I've discussed above, then please inform us by using the comments section below.



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