Nostalgia Electric Cake Pop Bakery Kit with Decoration Kit $39 PLUS FREE SHIPPING @ Deals Direct

Hovering somewhere between I WANT and the sensible, 'do we really need another kitchen gadget', I find myself still loving the Nostalgia Electric Cake Pop Bakery Kit with Decoration KitI can see it coming out to play every birthday, Christmas, and rainy day - at least till the Cake Pop fad passes.

I had a quick Google for prices, and this is the cheapest I could find online by a minimum of $10 and up to at $30, but the big grab here is the free shipping. That saves another $9.95 off the price, so you're paying $39.95 all in.

The Nostalgia Electric Cake Pop Bakery Kit, is a cool yet quick cooking appliance that allows you to create cake pops or donut holes in minutes. It takes up to 7 cake pops per batch and has a non-stick surface for easy cleaning. They say it's ideal for kids and adults alike.

In the box you'll find a Nostalgia Cake Pop Maker, the storage tin, the cake pop holder, 25 sticks and a decorating set.

There's FREE SHIPPING on a lot of appliances at Deals Direct for today only anyway, so it's worth having a look at if you need to replace any of your kitchen bits.


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