Marvel Heroes 6 DVD Box Set $19.40 @ Amazon

AmazonUK have the Marvel Heroes 6 DVD box set available, including postage for $19.40, which is a fabulous price for six DVDs anyway, but when compared to $66.49 at Mighty Ape and $36.38 at Atomic Movies is pretty awesome.

The box set includes the three X-Men movies: X-Men,  X-Men 2 and X-Men 3 The Last Stand, Elektra, Fantastic Four and Daredevil.  According to the Amazon blurb:

In 'X-Men' (2000), mutants Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) are former friends, but look set to become mortal enemies when fascistic US senator Robert Frank Kelly calls for the registration of all humans with abnormal powers. In 'X-Men 2' (2003), Professor Charles Xavier (Stewart), Wolverine (Hugh Jackson), and the Academy for Gifted Youngsters, aka the X-Men, find themselves in the firing line after a failed assasination attempt on the President points the finger at the school. In 'X-Men 3 - The Last Stand' (2006), when a private laboratory supported by the government finds the cure for the mutants, using the DNA of a powerful boy, the mutants have the option of giving up their powers and becoming human. However, Magneto (Ian McKellen) opposes and decides to join a force to fight against the government and kill the mutant boy.

'Elektra' (2005) is a martial arts spin-off starring Jennifer Garner as Elektra Natchios, a hired assassin who is reunited with her old sensei, Stick (Terence Stamp). When she is given an assignment to kill Mark Miller (Goran Visnjic) and his daughter, Abby (Kristin Prout), her conscience gets the best of her and she decides to protect them instead.

In 'Daredevil' (2002), when he was a boy, Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) was blinded by a spillage of toxic waste. However, with the loss of his sight, Matt's other senses have all developed to an incredible degree, allowing him to navigate the city with pinpoint accuracy. Now he works by day as a lawyer, and by night he becomes the Daredevil when he uses his supersenses to continue his fight against underworld supervillain Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan).

Finally, in 'Fantastic Four' (2005), the lifelong dream of inventor, astronaut and scientist Dr. Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd) is close to being realised. He is spearheading a trip to outer space, to the center of a cosmic storm. There he hopes to unlock the secrets of the human genetic codes for the benefit of all humanity. Reed accepts a financing deal with his old college rival, Victor Von Doom (Julian McMahon), now a billionaire industrialist. Reed's crew for the mission includes his best friend, astronaut Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis); Sue Storm (Jessica Alba), Von Doom's director of genetic research and Reed's ex-girlfriend; and Sue's hot-headed younger brother, pilot Johnny Storm (Chris Evans). In space, the team are unexpectedly exposed to a cosmic storm. Back on earth they discover the exposure they suffered in the storm has fundamentally altered their DNA and given them each an exciting super power.

Great for cool evenings or super hero parties, the box set will keep you busy for a while.
On a side note, this is a fantastic example of those cases where shipping in from abroad is cheaper than buying local. Annoying but true.
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