Lindt Excellence Chocolates $1.88 @ Coles

Coles has reduced bars of 100g Lindt Excellence chocolate to $1.88 reduced from $3.77, offering you $1.89 off per bar. For 'regular' chocolate that might not seem awesome, but for Lindt? Well, it is just a cut above the rest, quite frankly, so I think this is a fabulous offer!

I walked into a store in Germany once, looking for some chocolate, and was shocked at the hundreds of flavour combinations Lindt comes, in, but alas, here we have only five options to choose from, most of the time. My favourite is the 80% cocoa, but you can also go for the lighter flavours.

The brochure says this offer starts at 7am today, 5 June, but some places seem to be selling at that price already. Remember chocolate does go off and get worms in it, so don't go overboard, but nothing wrong with keeping a few bars in the fridge.

Woolworths is selling the same stuff for $4.88, and over $6 at the German shop.

Click and collect is free of charge, and home delivery is around $7 - $10 depending on your area and when you schedule delivery for.

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  • stinkmeister
    I almost always stock up on this when I see it on sale or buy one get one free. Nice chocolate.

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