- The Lowdown on Member Rewards & Mobile App Only Booking Discounts

HotelClub is a great site for booking hotels anywhere in the world; they offer pretty good prices of up to 70% off. If you are making a booking through the site and are trying to get the best deal possible then read on because I did a little bit of research into their membership and mobile app discounts.


Get Up to 7% Back in Members Rewards

Membership with the site is free. Simply make a booking, provide your email address and you can then start claiming the benefits. One of the key perks highlighted on the site is the Members Rewards programme which gives members up to 7% back on bookings. This 7% is actually on the total booking cost, which can then be used to offset the cost of subsequent bookings.

Great deal, but as they say the devil is in the details and it is basically a tiered membership programme to encourage people to continue booking with the site. When you make your first booking, you start off as a Silver Club Member and your Members Rewards will be calculated at a rate of 4% of the total booking cost. From your third confirmed booking within a 24 month period, you will be upgraded to Gold Club status which grants you 5% back in Members Rewards. It is only after 6 confirmed bookings within a 24 month period that you are entitled to 7% back in Members Rewards. 1 Member Reward is equal to 1USD converted to your own currency. It is still a pretty good deal as you would not get the same reward by booking directly with a hotel or by using a travel agent but, it’s always good to have a clear understanding of a site’s membership policy.


HotelClub Mobile App Discounts

Members Extras

If you ask me, the best perk of membership are the Members Extras which are special add on perks for selected deals. The perks include free upgrades, free massages, welcome drinks, spa discounts and the occasional free breakfast here and there. These extra add-ons are available on a lot of their hotel deals and they are a great way to indulge without breaking the bank.

HotelClub Australia members also get pre-sale alerts, so you can grab great offers before they are all snapped up.


Extras On The Mobile App - Exclusive Deals

They have recently launched a mobile app which can be downloaded for both Android and iOS.  The plus points of the app are that it is free and that it features a number of deals that are exclusive to mobile customers. You are still entitled to the Members Rewards if you book using the mobile app too.


Travel Tool

It seems to be a great tool for the frequent flyer because it lets you make and manage your bookings on the go. Best of all it features a list of “Tonight Only” deals which are last minute HotelClub discounts available only on that particular night. Alternatively if you are in a new city and are looking for a place to stay, the app can help by locating hotels nearby your current location.


Mobile App Downside

Cons, well just in terms of user-friendliness, it isn’t always convenient to make a booking and key in information on your phone especially with the relatively smaller screens and all. Also, HotelClub have not written this app natively from scratch, or at least for Android devices which is what I was testing it with. What they've done instead is go for the less complex option of simply loading a mobile web view within the app. So all you're effectively doing is browsing a responsive version of their website (i.e. one configured to display layouts according to the smaller screen sizes of mobile devices). This makes for a more "clunky" user experience as far as having to be more precise in exactly where you press on the screen. In addition, the general load times for new screens or for drop down lists to appear is slower too.

The other issue I had was that it wasn't clear whether all online HotelClub promotion codes will work on bookings made through the mobile app, as some codes may be restricted to web purchases. The good news though is that the current 10% off hotel bookings promotion code on Buckscoop appears to work in conjunction with a number of the Australian mobile app exclusive deals which I came across. This gives you a further 10% saving on top of their mobile-only booking discounts.

Generally though, it does seem like you would need to check the applicability of online discount codes as well as the mobile-only deals before you figure out which is the best offer.

(For all the latest HotelClub promotion codes on Buckscoop visit our Vouchers page)

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