Click Frenzy Or Click Frizzle?

Click Frenzy Or Click Frizzle?

If you've been online at all over the past week you will most likely have seen some reference to the much hyped 48 hour Click Frenzy Mothers Day Sales taking place over the 23rd and 24th of April. Many retailers have jumped on the band wagon in an attempt to ride the wave of hype to draw online shoppers to their shopping portals. This includes names such as Bonds, Myer, Dan Murphy’s and Masters. We've been looking forward to seeing some interesting deals offering good value emerging amidst all the hype. However, in reality it's looking more like "frizzle" than "frenzy" in terms of what's been announced so far.

Just take a quick look at some of the discount levels being offered by various retailers for instance. SurfStitch issued a 25% off Click Frenzy deal but this is nothing unusual as they regularly issue coupons for this level or higher as well as often giving away free gifts with orders over a certain amount (including free shipping too). The same goes for Kitchenware Direct's "20% off 24 hour sale" and Bonds' "Buy 3 - save 30% off on women's items". What we're seeing in many cases is a percentage being knocked off the RRP values but not in conjunction with any existing discounts.

A number of retailers though have simply chosen to ignore all the hype and hold their own rival sales, such as Harvey Norman (calling it "Shop Frenzy") and David Jones ("48 Hour Frenzy"). Harvey Norman is showing some decent offers on listed items such as the Garmin Nuvi 40 GPS Navigator for $73 and the LG 50" HD Plasma TV (50PN4500) for $696. A few other merchants that chose to do the same include Priceline and the Good Guys. Priceline are running a competitive 40% off all cosmetics, while the Good Guys have launched an online sale called Mother’s Day Cyber Cashback where shoppers are being offered up to $250 back when they buy from the store's Mother’s Day gift guide. Then there's Styletread who are giving an additional 10% off all final sale items in their existing "Up to 70% off" midseason sale.

What we would recommend is that your approach the Click Fenzy promotions with an air of caution. Get your shopping list together before heading online for a bargain so that you have a clear idea of exactly what you want/need. This will help to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the sea of heavily promoted products. Before purchasing, be sure to check whether a retailer which normally offers free shipping over a certain amount hasn't sneakily removed this during the frenzy sale in order to maintain profits. Finally, remember to keep checking Buckscoop regularly as we'll continue to reveal those deals offering the best value amongst the hordes.


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