Christmas Gift Ideas for the Non-mainstream People in Your Life

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Non-mainstream People in Your Life

It’s always nice to give something a little different during the Christmas season. I’ve been looking around for gift ideas that are going to stand out and I came across a couple of pretty cool items. These are the gifts that you are going to want to give a special friend; the one with the totally out-there fashion sense, the one who marches to the beat of their own drum or the one who is just plain different. These are quirky gift items meant for someone who is far from ordinary but close to your heart.


One For The Fabulous Fashionistas

Fab is an absolutely fabulous website for fashion savvy folk and they are currently having a sale on a range of fashion forward items. There are some statement necklaces and great tops to choose from, a lot of them are limited edition designer pieces. One of my personal favourite picks is this Woody shoulderbag; it’s a versatile satchel that is made from vegan leather, making it the perfect gift for earth friendly folk. It’s priced at $36 and Fab offers free shipping on orders over $49; so for greater savings you’ll want to pick up more than one item.

Apart from clothing, Fab also sells home furnishing item such as unique decorative pieces for ultra-chic spaces. I love this retro reproduction of a red American Gumball machine, going at just $39. It’s fun and functional.

American Gumball Machine


Mini-Me’s! USB stick bobble head1minime and Bobblesboth offer customised bobble heads, as you might have guessed from their names. You simply have to submit a photo, choose one of the “bodies” and you are good to go. Prices for the bestselling models at 1minime are around $85 - this includes figures made to resemble boxers, ninjas and even superheroes. What I really like about 1minime is that you can be involved in the entire process for no extra charge; you get to give your comments on the sculpture, painting and the finished product before they send you the final figurine.

Bobbles on the other hand, only sends you a proof of the sculpture once it is finished, if you are displeased they will make the necessary changes. Prices start at $79 and you even have the option of customising the entire figurine if none of the bodies suit your fancy.

Gifts That Pop

Retro Glam Apron from is subscribers only site that has great deals available for selected periods. You simply have to sign up with your email address to create an account and you are ready to go, no fees required. There is a whole range of items to choose from- clothes, decorations, customised art pieces and the odd knick knack. One item that stood out for me was this retro glam apron from Carolyn’s Kitchen. I haven’t come across aprons like this anywhere else and prices start at $54 for aprons that look like dresses. This sale price is only valid for the next 7 days. The aprons are perfect for a friend who likes to cook or someone who is really into retro fashion. Pop allows you to earn cash rebates every time you share a deal on social networking sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

I also love these limited edition Draw On Cushions that allow you to colour on the cushion covers and even leave comments. Absolutely no one else is going to be giving out a gift like this and it is just $34 which is pretty good when you take into account the novelty of it. Overall Pop seems to have items that you just cannot find in regular stores.


So for fun and quirky gift ideas, you want to get cracking on these sites.


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