Best Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts For Kids in 2018

Best Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts For Kids in 2018

As Australians become increasingly aware of the dangers of too much sugar, more and more parents are opting to give their kids gifts at Easter, either to replace chocolate altogether, or to complement a smaller treat. If you're all for swapping sugar for toys and gadgets, check out our list of fab Easter gifts for kids below.

1. Hatchimals

There are plenty of eggy options in the Hatchimals collection, from the full-sized Hatchimals Fabula Forest Hatching Egg ($99) to Hatchimals CollEGGtibles twin packs ($8.99). There's something for all budgets in this range.

2. Build-a-Bear: The Bunny Bunch

Build-a-Bear Australia has introduced some seriously fluffy bunnies to the range this year, and they are ready and waiting for good homes. The Bunny Bunch includes bunnies in two colour choices, and of course, loads of Easter-themed accessories. The bunnies are $30 each.

Source: Build-a-Bear Workshop Australia

3. Tomy Hide & Squeak Eggs

The adorable set of a half-dozen Hide & Squeak Eggs ($16.99) is an adorable gift for younger kids, and something they will play with for years. It's actually a shape-sorting game, and requires kids to match up the shape at the bottom of the egg to the shape in the carton.

4. Plush Bunny Head

Kmart has become famous for a lot of things, but its awesome Plush Animal Head costumes are a major hit with kids of all ages - even teens! The latest in the collection is the Plush Bunny Head ($15) - it's big, fluffy and something that will be loads of fun for kids to wear throughout the Easter holiday.

5. Themed Egg Cups

Themed egg cup breakfast sets are both fun and practical. They come in many styles these days, from Batman to Game of Thrones, and start at around $12.

6. Egged On Game

If your kids have been fans of games like Soggy Doggy or Pie Face, they're going to love Egged On ($26.24) by Hasbro. Each player takes a turn of squashing an egg on their head - it may or may not leave them soggy!

7. Craft Eggs

Easter is a very crafty time for kids, and these large character craft eggs are a great alternative to treats, and they will keep kids busy for a while, too. We've found them in Paw Patrol ($13), Beauty and the Beast ($16.27) and Disney Princess($13); each contains stamps, markers and colouring pages.

8. LEGO Seasonal Easter Sets

LEGO has a few brilliant Easter-themed sets out there including the adorable LEGO Easter Chick (40202) ($35) and the LEGO Easter Egg Hunt (40237) ($25). Both are of these are undoubtedly going to be played with year on year.

9. Little Live Pets Surprise Chicks

Little Live Pets Surprise Chicks ($9) are some of the cutest Easter toys around. Like Hatchimals, they peck their way out of their eggs, and make some pretty adorable sounds. The series also includes a Chick House if kids need a home for their new pets.

10. Peter Rabbit Movie

The Peter Rabbitmovie releases in Australian cinemas on 22nd March, 2018 - perfectly timed for Easter. Going to the movies is a huge treat for kids, and what's not to love about Peter anyway?

Source: Event Cinemas

Do you know of any more cracking Easter gifts for kids this year? Share your faves in the comments below!


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