Rivers Stores - 3 Days Only - Socks $1 Pair

17 July 2008

Catalogue is a bit confusing but Rivers have socks on sale for only $1 a pair.
Limted stock and sizes, and excludes black, charcoal and navy.

Catalogue (#10 on the link) says as of July 2nd they had a certain amount of this stock but also says On Sale next 3 days only (and we got this in our letter box yesterday or today).
Also says offer ends 9pm 23/07/08 and prices go back up to normal on the 24/07/08, so not sure exact starting date. Your guess is as good as mine.

Here is the direct link to the Catalog.
- Hang


  • craftykiwi
    Oops, forgot to say there are lots of other big reductions on clothing and shoes as well if you aren't interested in the socks if you want to check the catalogue in the link. Men's business shirts for $9, ladies shirts for $10, men's casual pants for $18 and 40% off all women's lingerie.
  • MooGliSH
    They do great socks, and in my size too :) (11-13 ftw)
  • craftykiwi
    Found out sale actually started on Thursday and runs for a week - talk about a confusing catalogue!! Our store is quite small so almost no socks left nor many of the other sale items. Did notice that the sale prices in the catalogue don't seem to be the ticketed price so I'm assuming the extra discount comes up on the cash register when you go to pay.
  • nod
    I wonder why they dont include black? Too popular or something maybe? :D Thanks Crafty. Hot vote from me :)
  • lilpretzel

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