Xbox 360 Genuine HD DVD Drive @ Quickshop $202.48 + cashback

15 February 2007

Its a pre-order admittedly but its a very good price. I'm not sure whether this indicates they expect it to hit the shelves and the price to plummet or they want the trade. But in any case - its about $30 cheaper than I can find it elsewhere. To get the 1% cashback just make sure your logged in when you go through this link.


  • bladerunner97
    The link is dead :(
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - thanks bladerunner - I'll track it down
  • admin EDITOR
    nope - looks like they've taken it down completely. Quickshop did something like this with the Wii console as well. They put it up for pre-order and then took it down after a couple of weeks. I'm getting increasingly suspicious. Cant even find a listing for it on the site. Are you chasing one ?? If yes - then just pop a post in the Find Me a Bargain forum and you'll get a bunch of people looking around for the cheapest they can find.

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