What Price You Should Be Paying for a Chromecast Device and How to Get the Most out of It

When Google first released its superbly-simple media streaming device, the Google Chromecast, many rushed out to buy one in the hope of being able to take advantage of its cheap and uncomplicated approach to wirelessly streaming content onto their TVs. Unfortunately, there was a lot of disappointment which followed for those who quickly realised that you couldn't stream any content which required a VPN to access it in the first place (e.g. Netflix and Hulu). Now that Netflix has officially launched in Australia last month, we suspect that those who held off buying one initially will be back on the hunt again and looking for a bargain.

Buckscoop and its community of deal hunters have been tracking the variety of Chromecast offers for some time now. The standard price on these is $49, however we're seeing a higher frequency of deals this year at around 20% less than that. So if you're in the market for one, make sure you don't end up paying retail prices considering it's now regularly available for less. Here's the lowdown on where to get the Chromecast at a bargain, plus how to get a range of enticing free offers/bundles as well as learning how to maximise its usage and unlock hidden features too.


Chromecast, for those of you unfamiliar with the product, is a thumb-sized media-streaming device that plugs directly into your HDMI port on your TV and wirelessly sends content to it from any device using a Chrome browser. These include devices like a Chromebook, Windows laptop, Apple computers, iPads, iPhones and android tablets and smartphones.

You can also stream services directly from the Chromecast such as Stan, Quickflix, Google Play, Google+, Presto, Deezer, twitch, Vevo and now Netflix.

Chromecast Streaming from your Mobile Device to your TV

Typing ‘Buy Chromecast’ into Google, you'd see that the general price on any given day is $49. However, our deal hunters (with most credit going to one in particular, Earth) have found that with a bit of patience you should be able to get this device for $34 at Harvey Norman. Wait for them to put Chromecasts on sale, usually dropping the price to $39, and then try and combine this with their $5 off signup voucher. Be aware though that receiving the $5 voucher via email from HN is notoriously fickle and we've seen plenty of commentary online about people not receiving it. Even so, getting the device for $38 should still be considered a good deal.

Chromecast Prices and Availability in Australia on Buckscoop

Right now there is one deal live on the our site, which gives you the Chromecast for $39 when you sign up to a free trial with Stan’s streaming service (worth $10). Here's a list of all previous Chromecast deals to put things into perspective and help you know which retailers to keep an eye on for special offers.

The Chromecast's ease-of-use is one of it's defining attributes. No cables, fiddling around with connections, having to move your laptop/computer around or waiting for slow TV processors to stream the Netflix service. With Chromecast, you simply plug it into your TV once and then connect to it via any compatible device over wifi from which you wish to stream video content. The whole process shouldn't take you more than a few minutes first time round...seriously, it's that easy.

Chromecast Device Screen Mirroring with Friends over Castshare

Whether you're somebody considering buying one or you happen to already be an owner, make sure you take advantage of the $6 free credit Google is currently offering which is redeemable via Google Play. To see this promotional list of offers, you need to ensure that you access the afore mentioned link while connected to your Chromecast device. You'll be asked to select one of the following: $6 free credit to spend on Google Play; two months free Presto; 90 days unlimited music access or a free copy of the XMen movie.

Tip: once you've made your choice and selected an offer, try going back into the promotional offers page a day or two later as it's been reported that some users are shown new offers. 

Lastly, once you have your Chromecast up and running its time to become a true expert with these 21 Tips and Tricks in order to unlock the full potential of this device.

Tips include things such as:Stream Lava Lamp via Chromecast onto your TV

  • Audio Streaming
  • 3D reality
  • Get Free apps and Popular content
  • Mirror mobile devices
  • Host YouTube parties
  • Chromecast meets Kindle Fire
  • Turn your TV into a Lava Lamp


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