The Best VPN Services to Access Netflix US from Australia

The best VPN providers will always change because Netflix has been blocking VPNs all over the world, emphasising why privacy has become more of a concern than ever before in the past 12 months. It’s now time to look at the parameters of a good VPN for Aussie users, because they have shifted and will no doubt continue to. Those hot choices a year or two ago will probably no longer be viable options to use in Australia.

Therefore, today we will look at the VPNs being used by Australians across the country to give you the best chance of choosing a good one, especially as winter is here are you are more likely to be spending time indoors with the box set. A big concern may be price, but we haven’t simply based the results on that, we have also considered the ability to unlock international Netflix libraries and connection speeds.

As with all VPN services and the battle against Netflix, what works today might not work next week so be wary before buying a 12 month subscription upfront as this might prove an unwise decision. Buckscoop has not purchased accounts with these services, we have simply collated information from the various online VPN-using communities in Australia to determine which is the best.

IPVanish (Most Popular)

IPVanish Service Provider


  • Annual subscription: $77.99 ($6.49 per month)
  • Monthly subscription: $10.00
  • 500+ servers in over 60 countries
  • Access to US Netflix?: Results vary

IPVanish appeared consistently across a number of online communities and was recommended by numerous people for its reliability and functionality. It is certainly a little more expensive per year than other providers, but with the recommendations they have received it sounds like they are worth it.

IPVanish uses shared IP addresses so your Internet activity cannot be singled out from other users. They claim to have 40,000 IP addresses that they share on over 500 exits which is ideal for getting around location restrictions.

The company's support team is also very helpful during both the set up process and during use of the service. This company is also one of the only providers to offer support for Windows Phone users along with all the other common platforms e.g. Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Ubuntu on desktop computers.

Ivacy (The Underdog)

Ivacy VPN Service Provider


  • Annual subscription: $21.95 ($1.83 per month)
  • Monthly subscription: $9.95
  • 250+ VPN locations In 40 countries
  • Access to US Netflix?: Yes (with troubleshooting)

Ivacy isn’t as well known as some of the other services mentioned in this article, but it’s cheap and very fast, therefore offering good value for money. A Whirlpool forum discussion showed that a speed test via this VPN was as quick as without a VPN. That kind of speed for a nominal $1.83 per month (annual subscription price) makes this deal a very cheap option. One thing to be wary of is their 7-day money back guarantee that is only valid if you use less than 500mb of data transfers before reclaiming.

As expected with the price, Ivacy do not have 24-hour support, but they do offer live chat. The company does not keep data logs and they do offer a kill switch, plus you are allowed to connect 5 devices simultaneously.

SlickVPN (Best Value)

SlickVPN Service Provider


  • Annual subscription: $48 ($4 per month)
  • Monthly subscription: $10
  • 150+ VPN locations In 78 countries
  • Access to US Netflix?: Mostly

SlickVPN has certainly generated interest recently because it has been proving to be a very reliable service for accessing US Netflix and if this is your ultimate goal then this may be the best option for you. The service is affordable and comes with a 30-day refund guarantee. If you want to subscribe trimestral they have $20 option too.

Your subscription includes 5 simultaneous connections from two IP addresses and SlickVPN also boast about their ‘HYDRA technology’ that improves secure connections by using extra hops over our internal networks. The company also provides 24/7 technical support via the website and offers numerous methods of payment such as cash, cheque and money order for those extra private individuals.

NordVPN (The Cheapest)

NordVPN Service Provider


  • Annual subscription: $48 ($4 per month)
  • Monthly subscription: $8
  • 80 servers worldwide
  • Access to US Netflix?: Results vary

NordVPN features because it’s one of the cheaper alternatives both annually and monthly compared to the rest featured here today. The service is compatible with a wide variety of devices, however it only allows two simultaneous streams at any one time.

If you find at first NordVPN doesn’t connect to Netflix their support is more than willing to help you organise a workaround on another server that hasn’t been blocked yet. There is also no denying that NordVPN isn’t as fast as some of its rivals, but it does come filled with a host of features which includes a kill switch. You can expect for this great value 24/7 live chat support, direct email contact and an extensive support database to keep you going, plus they do not keep data logs.

ExpressVPN (Most Expensive)

ExpressVPN Service Provider


  • Annual subscription: $99.84 ($8.32 per month)
  • Monthly subscription: $12.95
  • 97+ VPN locations in 78 countries
  • Access to US Netflix?: Yes (with troubleshooting)

ExpressVPN is certainly one of the most expensive options available, but that is for a good reason, their customer service is first class providing direct support over email address, plus quick response times and a 24/7 live chat. Their service supports an extensive variety of devices, Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, Apple TV, PlayStation, Kindle Fire, Chromebook and iOS.

It’s also worth noting that ExpressVPN is one of the services that have had the least trouble with Netflix, whilst other providers all around them have been blocked. If you have doubt on your first few times, the company’s support team will also advise you on which servers to connect to, whilst the PC and mobile apps allow you to select a region in order to access different countries’ Netflix libraries. It’s worth taking into account that they have a 30-day no-risk money back guarantee.

So there you have it, these are the best VPN providers available today for Australia to access the internet privately and more importantly to Netflix USA. Their prices vary but overall they provide a solid service with support to help both the experienced and first time users. What VPN service do you use? Are there any that you can recommend to the Buckscoop community?

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