National Geo subscription and free fleece $59.00

18 December 2006

For $59 from iSubscribe you receive 12 National Geographic magazines (year subscription) and a free long sleeved fleece.
The national geo normally retails for $8.95 each, so you get a great saving with the subscription.

"NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE : Explore the worlds wonders in National Geographic known around the globe for its compelling articles, and dramatic photography that portray the beauty, mystery and harsh realities of life on earth. With membership, you will enjoy an issue every month, including beautifully detailed wall maps of biodiversity, human cultures, the universe and more.
Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery of first issue."

Buckscoop offer 3.75% cashabck with iSubscribe


  • admin EDITOR
    Bit more on iSubscribe is that they have some reasonable prices in their ]bargain bin You can get a subs to The Bulletin at $197 off shelf price, Economist at $136, Time mag at $202 off. So worth a look.
  • admin EDITOR
    20 Jan 2007 - you can still get the subs at $59 but the fleece offer has expired.

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