Kids' Pedal Go Karts $103.50 Delivered @ eBay Store:

Kids' Pedal Go Karts $103.50 Delivered

Don't these look fantastic? These showstopping go karts are seriously marked down right now to what is probably the best price around. So if you've had your eye out for one for the kids, this is definitely a deal not to miss! These karts were originally $299, but you can pick them up now for $103.50 delivered with the code: COZZIE.

There are three colour options at this store: pink, red, black and blue. They have directional steering wheels, strong frames, responsive break controls, large comfortable seating, and treaded pneumatic tyres - perfect for off-roading.

Go karts are brilliant way to get kids outside and having a ball. In fact, these look like so much fun, I doubt kids will even realise they are exercising!

I just love that there is a pink one in this range, perfect for girls who love to hoon - while wearing a tiara!


  • Add this item to your cart and enter code: COZZIE at checkout to bring the price down to $103.50

These Go Karts ship FREE Australia-wide.


  • Karlee A.

    Christmas idea for girls they Would love them!!

  • Jody S.

    . Ships free Australia wide. :wink:

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