Zavvi - Jawbone UP Move Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker - Clip & Strap Bundle [ Ruby Rose ] $23.10 Delivered [ save $50.80], Jean-Michel Cousteaus Film Trilogy in 3D Blu-ray $14.30 Delivered + Others

Zavvi - Jawbone UP Move Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker - Clip & Strap Bundle [ Ruby Rose ] $23.10 Delivered [ save $50.80], Jean-Michel Cousteaus Film Trilogy in 3D Blu-ray $14.30 Delivered + Others


The lowest price ever for this Jawbone.

The same tracker but in different colours are $73.95 delivered @ JB Hi-Fi or $89 delivered from Telstra.

The best budget activity tracker you can buy according to pcadvisor [ full review in comment section. ]

There's nothing quite like an UP MOVE™. Small and colourful, UP MOVE™ becomes a part of your life with remarkable ease. It's an activity tracker, a sleep tracker and it hooks you up to Smart Coach, which is part of the best fitness app on the planet. Together, UP MOVE™ and Smart Coach team up to make living a well-balanced life easier than ever.

***In The Box***

UP MOVE Tracker
UP Move Clip
UP Move Strap
Replaceable battery
Quick Start Guide

Materials & Care

Device: Nylon like material
Back Panel: Anodized aluminium with less than 0.5% nickel
Clip: Medical grade TPU rubber
Strap: Medical-grade TPU rubber
Splash-resistant, but do not submerge

UP MOVE™ Dimensions & Weight

Device size: 27.64mm diameter x 9.75mm depth
Device weight (tracker only): 6.8gm
Slim Strap: 9mm wide, fits wrist sizes 149mm–192mm
Standard Strap: 14.5mm wide, fits wrist sizes 145mm–215mm

Power & Battery

non-rechargeable, CR2032 Lithium Coin 3V 225mAh battery
Battery life: Up to 6 months

Sensor & Interface

Bluetooth® 4.0 BLE
Tri-axis accelerometer

12 White LEDs, 1 Orange LED, and 1 Blue LED indicate time, progress and current status .

***Jean-Michel Cousteaus Film Trilogy in 3D Blu-ray for $14.30 delivered is also the lowest price on the market.***

$19.49 delivered @ Ozgameshop or $39.99 @ EZYDVD.

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    ***Reviews for Jawbone UP Move*** ***pcadvisor*** The best budget activity tracker you can buy ***gizmodo*** What really sets the Move apart from its budget competitors is Jawbone’s Up app. It’s just terrific. It’s beautifully laid out and it’s intuitive. It also has advanced tools for food logging. It can issue you challenges and it can display your data in a way that’s easy to understand. It’s easily the best fitness tracker app I’ve tried.