Xmas Hair & Beard Baubles $13.74 Delivered @ eBay

Xmas Hair & Beard Baubles $13.74 Delivered @ eBay

Do you know a beard or a head of hair that could use a little extra Christmas spirit? Festive Magic Hair & Beard Baubles are available for just $13.74 delivered at eBay right now, and let's all just agree right now that this is to win Christmas 2018.

You get a total of nine baubles in this kit, and they come in silver, gold, red and green colours. Each piece measures around two centimetres.

Each bauble comes with little silver hair clips that are already attached to the baubles, so all you have to do it clip them on!

These baubles have massive novelty value, and will make fab (and funny) gifts for anyone who loves Christmas. They're definitely going to be a talking point at those Xmas functions!

I'm very tempted to grab a set for my daughter to wear in her hair for the school carols. The kids will love it!

This particular set ships from the UK, so you'll need to allow a few weeks for it to arrive.

These sets ship FREE from the UK to Australia.


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  • Glen L.

    Haha I gotta grow it longer!

  • Chris P.

    May need a couple of beers first.

  • Adam B.

    Wish my beard was that good

  • Karli H.

    why not he has a beard may aswell decorate it

  • Chas E.

    Hahahah now I know what I am wearing Xmas day!

  • Sara O.

    He hasnt let me do this for the last 8 years. He wont let me start this year lol

  • Shannon S.

    Yeah should get a box of them :joy::joy:

  • Jude S.

    Aww he always says no :rage::pensive:

  • Ivan J.

    Ill play a tune with them